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Having spent over two years reviewing countless types of Power banks, it's a real surprise when I hear people ask "What is a power bank?" or "How does a Power bank work?" The term 'Power bank' is not quite as self explanatory as 'Portable Phone charger' or 'External battery pack.' They are all just different names for the same device.  They're basically a way to recharge mobile devices when you're away from a mains power source.  If you'd like to learn more about the finer details, I did write a guide which can be found here. Below are some of our hands-on Power Bank reviews. They range from ultra slim lightweight power banks suitable for a single smartphone chargers, all the way up to monster power banks capable of ten or more chargers.

ROMOSS UPower UP10 All-In-One 10000mAh Power Bank Review

The ROMOSS UP10 is a stylish portable phone charger featuring pass-through charging and an integrated power adapter.  

DBPower 1200A Portable Car Jump Starter Review

The DBPower has multiple charging options including the capacity to add power to your car battery from the cigarette lighter socket!

Zendure A8 QC 3.0 Power Bank Review

UPDATE - The Zendure A8 Power Bank Now features the Latest Quick Charge 3.0 Technology! Zendure A8 QC 3.0 Power Bank The Zendure A8 is an...

Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank review – RAVPower RP-PB043

Update Jan 2018 -  It's been a while since my original review this QC3.0 Power Bank and I thought it might be nice to...

PowerKite power bank portable charger

The PowerKite power bank portable charger made by Power Theory is an extremely useful and compact  device. Only fractionally larger than a credit card,...

Ingress Battery – Ingress Gear – Power Cube 12000mAh power bank

The Cheero Ingress Power cube is unlike any other battery pack I have reviewed. With futuristic bevelled edges and a pulsing LED display lighting...

EasyAcc Portable Solar Charger – 11SC28W review

EasyAcc 28W portable solar charger The 11SC28W EasyAcc portable solar panel adopts the latest SunPower panel technology. Tested to be over 23% efficient compared to...

PURIDEA i2 bluetooth bike speaker with integrated power bank and torch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8LKEGGKONs PURIDEA i2 Bluetooth bike speaker A multi-functional Bluetooth bike speaker and high capacity power bank. Featuring a bright LED torch, integrated USB charging cable, hands-free...

EasyAcc 4000mAh Portable Power Bank review

EasyAcc Power Bank - PB4000CB The new EasyAcc Power Bank with an integrated micro USB charging adapter is ultra-slim and lightweight. Perfect as a day...

EasyAcc waterproof power bank review

EasyAcc Waterproof Power Bank Review The EasyAcc 9000mAh Power Bank has a rugged design which is fully waterproof and perfect for outdoors adventures. Featuring a compass,...