Spigen Wireless Charger Review – F306W Essential Fast Charging Pad

A Fast Wireless Charger with an included Qualcomm mains adapter. Ideal for iPhoneX, 8 and 8 Plus

A review of the Spigen Wireless Charger - The F306W Fast Charger Review

F306W Spigen Fast Wireless Charger

A future-proof fast Wireless Charger featuring Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

The Spigen F306W is ideal for iPhone X, 8, 8+ and all other devices that are compatible with Qi Wireless charging.

Highlights and Features

  • Outputs 5W / 7.5W / 9W
  • Max Charging Power – 10W
  • ControlHeat Technology
  • Made from durable Aluminium
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Adapter Included
  • High quality braided charging cable

Pros and Cons

Where to Buy

F306W Spigen Wireless Charger – Full Review


The F306W Spigen Wireless Charger Review

The F306W comes inside a very tidy looking retail box. Inside you’ll find the Fast Wireless Charging in its own box, along with a Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 mains adapter, charging cable and user manual.

The quality of each component is evident immediately after unboxing. The USB charging cable has a nice braided finish and features a rubber cable management strap.

Both the cable and the wall adapter are branded with the Spigen logo, so if you happen to borrow either for direct charging, they’ll be easy to relocate.

Unboxing the Spigen F306W Fast Wireless Charger

When you consider the cost of buying a high-quality charging cable and Qualcomm power adapter separately, the Spigen F306W begins to look like a real bargain.

A close up look at the USB charging cable that comes included with the F306W Spigen Wireless Charger

Design and Build Quality

Having reviewed countless other Qi wireless charging pads the Spigen F306W stands side by side with high-end wireless chargers by the likes of Samsung and Belkin. It features a machined aluminium chamfered body, topped with a non-slip rubberized grip. The metal body gives it a reassuring weight that most other charging pads lack. This helps it sit securely in position when placed on your desktop or bedside table.

The non-slip rubberized top surface on the Spigen Fast Wireless Charging pad


Input Output Power Efficiency
QC2.0/QC3.0(18 5W/7.5W/9W 10W (Max) 70%

Features and Performance

The F306W Spigen wireless charger has a very small indicator light that remains off unless it’s charging. Once you place your phone on top, the light will come on and pulse gently in either green or orange depending on its output. The sweet spot for positioning your phone is good and it charges just as well through a case.

Anyone who’s familiar with charging their devices overnight will probably know the importance of a subtle indicator light.

Far too many wireless chargers have backlit lighting or bright flashing LEDs. This can become hugely annoying when the charging pad is on your bedside table.

The LED indicator light on the Spigen Wireless fast charger pad

If you’re charging an Android phone that features Qualcomm fast charging technology, you’ll likely to see a green light indicating a 9W output. If you’re an Apple user with an iPhone X, 8, or 8+ then it will be an orange light to indicate a 7.5W charge.

It’s very quiet during the charge and stays relatively cool to the touch. Once the charge is complete the light will stop pulsing and remain solid.

The Spigen Wireless charging pad with the Galaxy S9


The Spigen F306W wireless charger has a robust build quality and a well thought out design. While it’s certainly not the cheapest charging pad on the market, when you consider it comes with a Qualcomm wall adapter and a high-quality USB cable, it’s actually very good value for money.

If you’ve been looking for a premium quality fast wireless charger that won’t skid around your desk, this could be perfect for you, especially if you don’t already own a QC3.0 power adapter.

Where to Buy

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  1. Does Samsung charging pad come with a cable + QC 3.0 charging adapter as well?

    If not , then i recommend Spigen Essential F306W 🙂

  2. Would you say this wireless charger is better than the Samsung charging pad? I can’t decide which one to buy? – Cheers

    • Does Samsung charging pad come with a cable + QC 3.0 charging adapter as well?
      If no , then i recommend Spigen Essential F306W 🙂


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