Ultra-Slim Aukey Fast Wireless Charging Pad Review – Model LC-Q4

A stylish Qi fast wireless charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology for compatible phones.

The Aukey LC-Q4 Ultra slim Wireless Charging pad

LC-Q4 Aukey Wireless Fast Charger

An ultra-thin wireless charging pad with aluminium base and a soft denim surface.

The Aukey LC-Q4 features 10W fast charging when connected to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 wall adapter.

Highlights and Features

  • Output – 5V 1A, 9V 1.2A
  • Max Charging Power – 10W
  • Qi Quick Charge 2.0/3.0
  • Pulsing white charging indicator
  • 1.2m Anti-Tangle power cable
  • 2 Years Warranty

Pros and Cons

Where to Buy

LC-Q4 Aukey Wireless Charger – Full Review

The Aukey LC-Q4 arrived well protected with the unit retained inside dense moulded foam in a no-thrills box.  Along with the device, there is a user manual and an impressive two-year warranty.

The Aukey LC-Q4 fast wireless charging pad out of the box

Design and Build Quality

The Qi charger weighs 170g, has a diameter of 115mm (4.5 inches) and it’s ultra thin at only 7mm in height. The top features a soft non-slip blue-denim material, while the underside is bare metal with a satin finish. I’m not quite sure why Aukey didn’t add a few rubber feet to protect the surface from scratches. I imagine some worktops may have the potential to mark the underside – although I guess you’d never see it anyway.

The light grey power cable has a flat anti-tangle design and is a good length at 1.2m (3.9 Feet). The cable is permanently connected to the rear of the charging pad, this looks really neat but does lack the option of disconnecting it. You might be wondering why you’d want to disconnect it anyway? Well, there could be occasions when you’d like to maximise the charge or use the phone while it’s still charging. In those instances, it’s nice to be able to ‘borrow’ the lead occasionally.

Using the Aukey LC-Q4 wireless charger with a Qualcomm Quick Charge mains adapter

Using the Aukey LC-Q4 Wireless charger

In order to get the full potential and the fastest wireless charging speed from the LC-Q4, you’ll need a Qualcomm Quick Charge mains adapter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come bundled with the charging pad, but can be bought separately relatively cheaply. Alternatively, you could use the power supply that originally came with your phone.

Once it’s connected, you simply need to drop your phone down on the pad and it will automatically begin charging at the best possible speed.

The LC-Q4 charging pad features over-temperature and over-voltage protection. It will also cut off in the event of a short circuit – in case someone mistakes it for a drinks mat and spills hot coffee all over it.

It remains exceptionally cool during charging and makes a very faint ticking sound that’s only noticeable if you place your ear directly against it.

A look inside the Aukey LC-Q4 wireless charging pad


Input Output Power Efficiency
5V-2A /9V-1.67A 5V-1A / 5V-1.2A 10W (Max) 75%

The LC-Q4 fast wireless charger

Features and Performance

During charging, the Aukey LC-Q4 will display a white lightning bolt on the top surface which is visible through the denim material. It will also pulse a subtle white light from around the rear of the charging pad.

In bright daylight, this is barely noticeable, but in a low-lit or dark room, it will be more visible.

If you’re planning on using the Aukey LC-Q4 next to their bed at night, you needn’t be too concerned. It’s subtle and breaths rather than flashes. Once the charge is complete, the light will go off entirely.

The charging indicator light on the Aukey fast wireless charger


The Aukey LC-Q4 is one of the thinnest Qi wireless charging pads I’ve seen. The combination of metal and denim material gives it a unique look that stands out from most others on the market. So if you’re looking for an ultra-thin stylish wireless charger, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

The Aukey LC-Q4 charging pad will no doubt feature highly on my list of the Best Qi Wireless chargers, as soon as I get around to updating it.

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