LED Speakers – Helium T900 Bluetooth Speaker

Save 20% on the Helium T900 LED speaker hereLED Speakers are few and far between – this I find fairly surprising considering how popular the dancing water LED speakers have become in recent months.  Whilst the USB fountain speakers are certainly not to my taste, the new Helium T900 LED speakers are most definitely a step in the right direction.


LED Speakers - The Helium T900 Bluetooth speaker

The Helium T900 is a rechargeable portable bluetooth speaker with upto 4 hours playback per charge.  This doesn’t sound much when compared to other portable bluetooth speakers of a similar size which can typically last between 8 to 10 hours. However, when you consider the whole side of this speaker is providing a sound responsive light show as well, then the 4 hours are actually pretty impressive.

LED Speakers - The Helium T900 can be orientated on it's side or uprightDesign features

The Helium T900 has a nice rubberised finish which feels good to touch and also provide an IPX4 waterproof rating to protects it from splashes – making it great for parties.  It has a cylindrical shape with 3 faces allowing the speaker to be orientated on it’s side or upright depending on your preference. The speaker features a gravity sensor which automatically adjusts the display depending on how its positioned.

The top control panel allows you to adjust volume, skip tracks, change the input, change the animation and answer calls via the speaker.

The Helium T900 LED speakers have  5 different animation modes:

  • Club – watch your music bounce in time with the music. Lie the speaker flat and the animation rotates to pulse from the middle. (sound responsive)
  • Equalize – the LEDs light up in a similar fashion to a graphic equaliser. Rotate the speaker to display the animation across the full speaker. (sound responsive)
  • Groove – The speaker cycles through all the colours, one at a time.
  • Rainbow – The ultimate party effect is the rainbow mode. Diagonal bands of colour light up the speaker.
  • Meteor – bands of colour pulse up the speaker.

The colourful LED display on the T900 Helium Speaker

You can of course turn the LED light effect off if you want to extend the battery time.  They can also be connected with the USB and Aux cable provided, should you wish to use the Helium T900 as a PC speakers.

Bluetooth pairing via NFC takes seconds, and the speaker has an inbuilt mic so you can take phone while your device is paired.

Whilst these LED speakers are not going to blow you away with high-end sound, they will definitely have a huge appeal as a gift for a teenager.

With Christmas fast approaching, this could be the perfect gift for young music lovers.  Just imagine the thrill on their innocent little faces when they can actually see a visual representation of Justin Bieber’s voice flashing in front of their eyes!

Helium T900 LED Speakers are available to buy exclusively at red5

Other recommendations for Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lighting Effects:

The JBL Pulse Bluetooth speaker with LED Lighting EffectsIf you have a little extra to spend on a bluetooth speaker with an LED lighting effect, it may be worth checking out the JBL Pulse which is almost identical to the Helium T900 but with improved sound quality.

The latest high end LED bluetooth speaker to hit the market is called the Hercules Wao Neo, you can read the GadgetViper review here.  The Hercules has a smartphone app to really take control of the lighting effects and is definitely my favourite LED speaker if you can afford it.



  1. I’m not sure if to buy this T900 speaker or to pay the extra for the JBL pulse – I’m a little concerned about the audio quality?

  2. Hi Mac,

    Well there is no doubt that they are extremely similar, however the JBL Pulse speaker doesn’t have the inbuilt mic to allow you to take calls from your smartphone. The Helium T900 is also considerable cheaper at £59.95 compared to the JBL Pulse which is currently selling for over £150.00 on amazon – http://goo.gl/z8tH0i

    It may well be that the JBL Pulse is the superior option if you don’t mind not having the smartphone speaker call functionality, but at £90.00 more it seems a little too pricey to me.


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