Can iphones get viruses? Slip on a USB Condom

A common question these days is – Can iPhones get viruses? Well, the short answer is no, unless your iPhone happens to be jailbroken. Either way, it might be worthwhile slipping on a USB Condom before charging your device – especially when placing your USB cable into an old crusty port belonging to some PC you’ve only just met.

USB Condom - can iphones get virusesThe SyncStop by xipiter, previously known as the USB Condom is the latest piece of hardware to aid the fight against unwanted smartphone malware and viruses.  It works by blocking the data pins on any USB cable and will only allow the power to pass through.

Whilst the question “Can iPhones get Viruses?” will most generally be answered with a reassuring  “no” there is always the annoying dilemma of your iPhone trying to sync itself with each an every computer it gets a sniff at.  The USB condom will put an end to this problem.

Apple devices are considered relatively safe from Viruses the same cannot be said for Android phones.  There are reports that many AntiVirus for Android apps when tested, can actually miss nine out of ten potential threats.  So for anyone who is concerned about an Android Virus or an unwanted Android Sync of semi-naked selfie shots on to your friend’s laptop the USB Condom is a must-have solution.

Priced at a reasonable $14.99 which is just over £9.00 the USB condom or the SyncStop as it is now known has the potential to be an extremely popular addition to anyone’s USB cable.  I’m guessing it won’t be long before there is a USB cable with this functionality built into it, with a simple switch that isolates the data pins when you want only the charge to pass through.

USB Condom - Android Virus ProtectionThe covered version of this device is due to ship in November which is why the SyncStop is currently in the Future Technology section.  If however you simply cannot wait to begin practising Safe Charging, you can buy the naked USB condom from


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