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Harman Kardon Speakers are quite possibly the most uniquely styled speakers you could own.  Whenever I see the Soundsticks III Harman Kardon Speakers I’m reminded of that old movie “Mars Attacks” – Not one of Nicholson finest movies it has to be said.

Harman Kardon Speakers - Best PC SpeakersNow I’m not saying that Harman Kardon Speakers look exactly like an old-school Martians helmet, but that’s just how my messed up brain works these days…

Harmon Kardon Speakers - Perfect next to an Apple Desktop PCHarman Kardon Speakers were originally styled to compliment Apples clear plastic desktop computer. Featuring a transparent domed subwoofer and free-standing see through soundsticks.  The latest models have had subtle upgrades in their appearance and features while thankfully managing to keep the original award-winning design.

Soundstick III Harman Kardon Speakers are available with a standard wired connection or with Bluetooth connectivity.  If you are intending to use these as PC speakers I would advise you choose the regular non-Bluetooth version.  The Bluetooth version is currently 30% more expensive and despite having Bluetooth connectivity, you still need to run wires from the subwoofer to the soundsticks and to the mains.

Later down the road if you decide that it would have been nice to be able to pair the speakers with your smartphone, you could buy a wireless speaker adapterUse this wireless speaker adapter with your Harman Kardon SpeakersThis would actually work out less than the extra cost you would have paid for the Bluetooth version.  There have been some reports of the Bluetooth version having occasional stuttering issues, which is enough of a reason for me to opt for the standard Soundsticks III Harman Kardon Speakers.

I’m putting these Harman Kardon Speakers in the Best Buy section of GadgetViper because they are currently on offer at only £99.00 (usually priced at £139.99) on Amazon

To read over 400 customer reviews of the Soundsticks III Harmon Kardon Speakers and get some actual technical details other than a ridiculous comparison to a Martians Helmet click here.


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