3D Pen – 3D Printing Pen by 3Doodler

3D pen … all pens are 3D right? well how about a pen that actually draws in 3d!  The 3Doodler is the worlds first 3D printing pen which will quite literally take your drawings to a new dimension.  With no technical knowledge or computer software required, this amazing 3D pen is the perfect gift for young artists looking to experiment with their creative minds.3D pen by 3Doodler the first 3D printing pen

The 3Doodler 3D pen works by extruding a thin, flexible but strong thread of liquid plastic that instantly hardens.  It requires a mains connection in order to provide power to the pen to heat the plastic to 270C.  For this reason the pen is not recommended for children under 14 years old due to the metal tip having the potential to burn.

While I agree that it’s not advisable to trust a young child with a product that has a heated element, I do think this 3D pen would be suitable for a younger children too, especially if they are under the supervision of an adult.

My eldest son loves art and I think he is hugely talented for his age.  When I showed the video below of the 3D pen in action, he was so excited he instantly wanted to know if he could have one for his birthday, which was only last week.

The Bone Lord - By Jacob Tunnard - Age 8


Jacob is already making plans to do a 3D version of his favourite drawing “The Bone Lord.”   Even though Jacob is only 9, I have no real concerns with letting him use the 3D pen under my supervision.  A product like the 3Doodler 3D printing pen is the perfect antidote to the terrible affliction most kids his age are currently experiencing – Minecraft / Console addiction.

3Doodler 3D pen comes with 2 refill packs of ABS plastic, it is has a variable speed control and is fully ambidextrous.  For more information please visit Firebox




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