Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 – bluetooth headphones review

Update: SoundPEATS have a new model out called the Q9A, I highly recommend you check them out – here. They sound amazing and are exceptionally good value. They’ve even made it on our list of the Best Wireless Earphones of 2016.

A review of the soundpeats soundbeats qcy qy7 headphones

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 is a bit of a mouthful as a product name for a set of bluetooth headphones,  but lets not let that worry us too much.  The name aside, what we have here is what I consider a gem of a product which ticks all the right boxes. Those all important boxes include comfort, features, sound quality and of course value for money.  The Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 bluetooth headphones really have impressed me, for the price I’d argue that you will not find better.

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Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7- Comfort

It’s critically important that a set of bluetooth headphones are light and fit well in or over the ears.  Other bluetooth headphones I’ve owned have been far heavier  than these and less comfortable to wear, despite costing twice as much.  I’ll admit that I’m not a track runner or a treadmill addict.  I have been using these earphones in the gym mostly during resistance training and have found them to be exceptionally comfortable and secure in my ears.

The Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 Bluetooth earphones

Not having a long lead running down under your top is a blessing especially on certain machines that place your chest against a pad.  The Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 short connecting cable has not even tangled once, which is another reason why these earphones are so much better than regular ones.

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7- Features

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 bluetooth earphones functions and features

  • Playtime –  A solid 8 hours, my last charge has lasted over 2 weeks or gym sessions, so absolutely no complaints there.
  • Pairing –  No problems, I’ve paired these to my iPhone, iPad and my partners Moto G.  There is an audio message once paring is achieved and they will remember previously paired devices.
  • SignalPlus – This is the tech that ensures the music plays uninterrupted and without cutting out.  I have read that some people have had problems with the Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 in this area. This certainly wasn’t an issue for me. It may be more to do with the phone / device or it’s operating system, I believe some older Android versions have certain bluetooth streaming issues.
  • PureSound – Their words – “In-ear white noise and listener fatigue reduction. Eliminates the white noise and delivers a clean audio experience offering hours of pure enjoyment” Ok, I’m not going to say this “White Noise reduction” is something special that rivals a set of Bose Quiet comforts, because it’s not.  These earphones are about as effective at drowning out the ridiculously loud and annoying Cross-fit music that plays in my gym as any other in-ear headphones I have used.
  • Sweat Proof  – Pretty standard, but yeh good to know, I’m definitely a sweater, mostly from my ass crack though and less from my ears thankfully.
  • Controls –  The volume can be adjusted on the side as can the track selection by holding the button down for longer.

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7- Sound Quality

Gauging sound quality is extremely subjective. I won’t start a giant debate on why it’s so difficult to give an unbiased opinion on sound quality, let’s just say that it’s as much to do with your expectations of quality and your frame of mind than it is the actual tech inside the headphones.  That being said, these do sound good, very good in-fact, I have a set of Sennheiser CX 200 earphones and I doubt I could distinguish between the 2 in a blind test.  The bass feels deep and powerful, especially if you have the buds in nice a tight, and the mids and high range sound is bang on too.

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7- Price and Availability

I became interested in these headphones when I saw the price. Almost 3 times less than my last set of bluetooth earphones – which I lost.  At only $29.99 the Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 headphones are a steal, they really are.  And to be honest if my older and far more expensive set did happen to resurface, I would probably still continue to use these. The Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY QY7 are a perfect example of why you do not need to spend a fortune on headphones to get something decent.

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Price information last updated on 15/10/2015 14:30 GMT
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on or at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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  1. These soundpeats have really impressed me, I have always used wired earphones, having Bluetooth headphones for my morning jog is way better, there is a absolutely no noise from bouncing wires, well happy

  2. Great value for money, I think headphones like these QYC QY7 Soundpeats are just as good as expensive bluetooth headphones like Sony, people just pay for the name.

    • Agreed, I’ve got a ton of bluetooth earphones (they get sent to me for review) some of them are 3 times the cost of the Soundpeats QYC QY7. More often than not I end up taking the Soundpeats out with me to the gym, they’re awesome every-day headphones

  3. The Soundpeats qy7 bluetooth earphones are basically the Mpow Swift bluetooth headphones with a different name right? I’ve just lost my Mpow’s headphones and was about to go buy another set as I loved them so much when I saw these Soundpeats. I think I’ll stick with the Mpow Swift even though they a slightly more expensive.

  4. Super surprised about these Soundpeats QY7’s sound is excellent, and I’m sure the battery is lasting even longer than the 8 hours.

  5. I bought a set of Soundpeats QCY earphones and have to say they really are great value for money. They sound great and the battery life has also impressed me. My ones are white as I’m not overly keen on bright coloured headphones.

    • Hi Claire,

      Thanks for your comment, I agree, the white ones do look better. The one benefit of having a bright green set of Soundpeats QCY’s is how easy they are to find when I’ve forgotten where I put them. Maybe I should also get a set of brightly coloured gym gloves too 😉

  6. I bought a set to Soundpeats QCY QY7’s as a gift for my brother, I had a listen and was so blown away, I bought another set for myself, just hope they last more than 5 mins


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