DOSS Soundbox XL Review – Best Sounding Budget Bluetooth Speaker!

A review of the DOSS Soundbox XL Portable Bluetooth speaker
The DOSS Soundbox XL is an affordable Bluetooth speaker with a sound quality that rivals most high-end portable speakers. For anyone looking for a big sound on a small budget, this could be just what you're looking for!

HDE-300 Wooden Earphones by ZealSound

The HDE-300 Wooden earphones by Zealsound
Zealsound HDE-300 Wooden Earphones Designed with a natural wood housing to produce a warm resonating sound quality. The combination of aluminium and wood offers a refreshing...

Creative T3250 Wireless 2.1 PC Speaker System Review

A review of the Creative T3250 Wireless PC Speakers
Creative T3250 Wireless Speakers A compact and bass rich 2.1 PC Speaker System with built-in Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Creative T3250 Wireless speakers deliver a...