Skyler White AKA Woody Harrelson

At 4 am this morning I finally finished watching Breaking Bad (for the second time) I had planned on savouring the last 5 episodes over this week, but as I’m sure many of you know, Breaking Bad is a lot like Meth, and not just any old meth its like 99.6% pure YO!

While watching the show, Skyler White’s face just kept reminding me of someone.  It took some time to work out who it was, then it hit me – Woody Harrelson.  I was sure that others must have had the same thought, so I googled it expecting to see a page full of comparison photos, but there were barely any to giggle over, so I’ve made my own:

Skyler White AKA Woody Harrelson

Skyler White and Woody Harrelson GIFYou can drop Woody’s face on pretty much any shot of Skyler and it basically photoshops itself. I think it’s got a lot to do with the facial proportions, they just seem to naturally align.

Skyler White looks like Woody Harrelson

I know this post has nothing at all to do with Gadgets or Tech, thankfully I do have a “Randoms” section on this blog so I’m sure the odd deviation can be forgiven.  And hey,  if Engadget can make posts about shitty Dr Who episodes then I can do a Heisenberg once in a while.

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In other Breaking Bad news – 22/10/14

Bryan Cranston tweets about Florida mom who wants Breaking Bad Figures banned from Toys 'R Us

I’m with you on this Bryan.

Does Toys ‘R us only let children into their stores or are they also open to adults as well? If you take a look at the box the action figure is in, it has a +15 age limit on it so I’m confused what her problem is.  Anyway, it could always double up as a Malcolm in the Middle action figure and be perfectly acceptable for children of all ages.



  1. From her first scene to the last episode I could not get rid of the feeling that Woody was somewhere there in the show.
    It surprises me that no one else is shouting about it on the Internet.
    You are not alone.


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