Red Light Therapy – Benefits of Light Box products

Red light therapy has for many years proved an effective treatment for a huge range of skin conditions, health issues, pain control and beauty treatments.  Red light therapy is fast becoming a must-have product for professional beauty therapy clinics, but there are also a growing number of affordable red light therapy products for personal use in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Red light therapy and the specific products most suited for the treatment of particular conditions.

Red Light Therapy - Benefits of using light box productsSee all the available Red light therapy devices here

Red Light Therapy for Skin Conditions

  • Red light Therapy for the treatment of acne in adolescentsRed Light therapy for Acne Treatment – Red light therapy has been proven to be a great way to combat acne in adolescents.  Bad acne can have a huge negative effect on teenagers and can leave permanent scars and skin blemishes that will be visible throughout adult life.  As a young teenager, the thought of heading off to your local beauty clinic for a blast of red light may seem like an embarrassing prospect. I’m sure many would shy away from this idea, especially the boys and the accumulated cost of repeat treatments would soon stack up.  Having a light therapy machine to use in the privacy of your home could prove to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Red light therapy for anti ageing – Red light therapy is a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment which is said to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage. So, if you happen to have a young teenager who is suffering from acne, then you can justify the purchase to your husband as an essential gadget for the well being of your beloved child.  Then, once the coast is clear….. You can jump in front of the light box and become young again.
  • Red light therapy for Rosacea-  Rosacea is a long-term skin condition that is said to affect one in ten people. Initially seen as flushing to the skin, Rosacea can progress in severity causing permanent redness to the skin and visible blood vessels.  While there is no known cure for Rosacea, it is important to manage the condition as best you can in order to minimise the accumulative effect. Red light therapy offers a medication-free alternative to creams, gels and antibiotics.  While red light therapy may not be enough on its own to control Rosacea, it can definitely contribute to the management of the condition.

Before and after results of using red light therapy to treat the skin

Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Tendlite - The No.1 red light therapy pain control machineRed light therapy for pain relief – If you suffer from frequent headaches or joint pain, red light therapy may be a very useful method of treatment.  The prolonged use of painkillers can have a very damaging effect to your body.  Tablets become less effective the longer you take them, often leading to the need to take more in order to manage the pain.  Red light therapy offers a much healthier alternative and in many mild cases of joint pain, it can totally replace the need for pain pills. The treatment works be improving the circulation of blood in localised areas. Red light is particularly good for this as it absorbs deeper into the tissues than other types of light and is proven to work well in areas such as the neck and lower back.
  • Mood Elevation and Stress management – Light therapy is clinically proven to be one of the most effective methods to combat mood related disorders such as SAD (Seasonal effective disorder) There are many specific SAD lights on the market such as the Lumie Zest which generally give off a bright white light, however Red light is also said to deliver similar results to traditional SAD lamps, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get better skin at the same time?
  • Wound and Cold Sore treatment – If you suffer from cold sores you will probably know that they are similar to mouth ulcers and typically need to run their course.  Red light therapy can have a very positive effect on the speed in which cold sores and wounds can heal.  The red light calms redness,reduces inflammation and also improves blood circulation to the area which is crucial to the healing process.
  • Improved blood circulation – Many people that suffer from poor circulation in their hands and feet have praised red light therapy as one of the most effective methods to overcome this problem.  The regular use of red light can almost completely eliminate poor circulation problems and would be an ideal natural method to help improve circulation problems for the elderly and those suffering from diabetes.

Combining Red and Blue light therapy

Recent light therapy studies have shown that by using a combination of red and blue LED lights together results have been improved even further.  There are currently a number of products available which use a combination of red and blue LED lights such as the Caribbean Sun Light Therapy Light Box which has some really glowing customer reviews.

There are a huge number of red light therapy devices ranging from small torch size products for localised areas to large free standing light boxes.  To see all of the avialable products and to read the customer reviews please click here

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