Minecraft Plush Toys – Stuffed animals and Plushies for kids

Minecraft plush toys and stuffed animals are possibly the best value for money when it comes to Minecraft merchandise. With some of the most popular minecraft plush toys now selling for under $7, it’s never been a better time to grab a bargain. Here a short list the most popular Minecraft stuffed animals and plush toys.

Minecraft Plush Toys - The perfect gift for young minecraft fans
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The most popular Minecraft plush toys and stuffed animals

The Minecraft PigMan Plush Toy

The official 12″ Pigman plushy is made by Jinx comes inside the Mojang packaging. A perfect combination of pig and zombie who could ask for more?

Minecraft Zombie Pigman Plush, 12" official Minecraft PigMan Soft Toy

Minecraft Plush toy - The Baby Pig

The Minecraft baby pig

This 7″ baby pig is the No.1 stuffed animal toy on Amazon and for good reason, its cute as hell and far less annoying than the actual pigs in the minecraft game

The Minecraft Ocelot Plush Toy

My personal favourite, far less shy and reclusive than the in-game Ocelot and you don’t have to hunting for it through deep dark jungle biomes either.

The Soft Minecraft Ocelot plush toy

The Soft Creeper Minecraft plush toy

The Minecraft Creeper Plush Toy

Possibly the most annoying mob ever invented, the Minecraft creeper is guaranteed to wreck your day by dropping off a ledge unannounced and exploding in your face.  Thankfully if the creeper plush toy happens to fall off a ledge it will silently bounce harmlessly to the floor without destroying everything in a 10 block radius.

Minecraft Enderman

One good thing about this 7″ Minecraft Enderman soft toy is that you can look directly at it and it will not attempt to kill you and it won’t port around the room every time you get close enough to give it a cuddle.

The Minecraft Enderman Plush Toy

The Official 13" Minecraft Zombie Plushy

13″ Minecraft Zombie Plush Toy

If you can afford to spend a little extra on your Minecraft plush toys then take a look at the official Minecraft Zombie plush. He stands at a respectable 13″ and unlike the actual Minecraft zombie, this plushy version won’t spend all night long trying to smash down the front door.

Official 13″ Minecraft Skeleton Plushies

This is the official 13″ Minecraft Skeleton plush toy.  It may be wise to keep the kids curtains closed during bright days as minecraft skeletons have often been known to burst into flames in direct sunlight.  But fear not, if it does there is a small chance it might drop a valuable item.

Official Minecraft Plush Toys - The 13" Minecraft Skeleton

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Benefits of choosing Minecraft Plush toys as gifts:

  • They will probably end up placed neatly at the bottom of their beds, unlike minecraft action figures which always end up all over the floor. And trust me when I say it hurts equally as much to tread on a Minecraft Steve action figure as it does on a piece of Lego.
  • Minecraft Plush toys are soft and therefore do not cause injury when used as a projectile during battles over who gets to play with the stuffed creeper.
  • Not only are Minecraft plushies and stuffed animals far more affordable than action figures they are also pretty damn cute and cuddly.


  1. I love the prices they are very good my son loves the pig,skelaton and the ocelot and he cuddles up to them all night he relly wantes the skelaton he only has the ocelot and the pig and the squid and the mooshroom and the enderman and soon an enderdragon will come he relly needs a bigger box the ender dragon is 60cm

  2. These Minecraft stuff animals and plush toys have really come down in price, I take it they are not official merchandise?

    • Hi Debbie, The official Minecraft soft toys are made by Jinx, they are more expensive, and really good quality if you can afford them, however, the non-official Minecraft plush toys are not bad either, and much better value.
      Here is a link to the official Jinx Minecraft soft toys

  3. My son hasn’t wanted any soft toy for years, now wants all the Minecraft soft toys. I guess cuddly zombies and skeletons are ok?

    • Yes, it would appear Minecraft plush toys are the exception to the rule. I can’t imagine many young children would like the idea of having a zombie, a skeleton and a giant spider at the bottom of their bed at night.

  4. The big minecraft zombie is more expensive than the others, but it’s really good quality. I bought the zombie and the skeleton. They both have took pride of place on my youngsters bed.

  5. The Creeper Plushy is my boys favourite, he makes the fizzy creeper sound as I approach his bed followed by an explosion. This sometimes includes the soft toy getting launched across the room, which I’m then expected to go fetch for him of course.

  6. My 7 year old son absolutely loves his enderman plushy. He has kindly let his little sister have the baby pig, but that’s only because he thinks pink toys are for girls.


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