Kotion Each G2000 gaming headset review

A review of the Kotion Each G2000 Pro gaming headset

Kotion Each G2000 Headset

An LED backlit gaming headset with high precision 51mm magnetic neodymium drivers, soft leather ear pads and a braided cable fitted with a rotary volume controller.

  • Soft leather ear pads
  • LED back lighting
  • Volume and mic mute control
  • Gold plated connectors


As a father of 2 sub-teen boys, gaming headsets come and go like shoes in my household. Typically they fail from the cords becoming so badly twisted that they split open and snap. It’s also common practice to find them on the floor tangled around the chair. I now make them use their own pocket money to buy replacement headsets in the hope that they might respect them more – unfortunately, this seems to have no effect.

A gaming headset abused by my childrenThis photo will hopefully demonstrate my point. Not only is the cable wrecked, they also managed to break the arm – which I expertly fixed with duct tape.

Looking at the Kotion Each G2000, I feel there may be a good chance I have found a gaming headset able to withstand them. It’s big and solid with wide arms, even at the point of adjustment. I’m also pleased to see a seriously thick braided cable which seems fairly resistant to twisting.

1Kotion Each G2000 – Design and Build

The first point of interest when I took the Each G2000 headset out from the box was its size. The arms are 45mm wide and the shield-shaped ear cups are almost 100mm. Having such large earpieces allows the leather pads to completely cover my ears which I found surprisingly comfortable.  A while ago I reviewed a set of headphones that fully covered my ears in a similar fashion and found they caused my ears to sweat due to a lack of ventilation. The Kotion Each G200 does not seem to not suffer from this problem, I assume this is due to the use of more breathable materials.

There’s an ample amount of adjustment on the arms to accommodate a large head and a good tension to retain the headset without it feeling uncomfortable over long periods of use.

I was a little unsure how the Kotion Each G2000 would fit on a child’s head considering its size. After testing the fit on my 10 year old (pictured) and his younger brother, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fitted them both.

I was able to dangle them both by their ankles and vigorously shake them without the headset falling off – Just kidding…

Kotion Each G2000 headset on my 10 year old boy

The microphone arm on the Each G2000 is rigid and while it does rotate up and down, it won’t pivot in and out towards your face. In its down position, the microphone is about 9cms from your mouth.  I personally think it could have been a little closer. Not only will it make heavy breathing extremely difficult, it’s also slightly visible from the corner of your left eye.

The microphone arm on the Kotion Each G2000Despite my dislike of the microphone placement, the overall design of the Kotion Each G2000 is good. The combination blue LED lighting, glossy black surfaces and chrome side details make this gaming headset visually appealing. It’s soft padded leather ear pads are extremely comfortable and the thick braided cable will hopefully extend it’s life, even in the hands of young gamers.

2Kotion Each G2000 – Features and Specifications


The connecting cables for the headset consist of two colour coded 3.5mm audio jacks, one for sound and the other for the microphone. There’s also a USB connector, this is solely for the LED back-lighting and is optional. While some gaming headsets run from the USB port only, the Each G2000 receives and sends it’s audio just from the jacks.

  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Impedance: 32Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 114dB +/- 3dB
  • Frequency range: 20-20KHz
  • Microphone sensitivity: -34dB +/- 3dB
  • Connections: USB (LED) + 3.5mm stereo
  • Cable length:  2.2m
  • Weight: 383g

Having a headset that connects with this method means it requires no driver installation or software and can be used on devices other than a PC or Laptop.  You should be able to use the headset on a PS4 or XBOX One and even an XBOX 360 if you purchase an additional headset adapter.

Audio performance

For a gaming headset in this price bracket, I was highly impressed with the audio quality. Typically most gaming headsets have 40mm drivers, the Kotion Each G2000 has a 51mm magnetic neodymium driver which definitely seems to add some punch. The sound is loud and full, great for gaming as well as listening to music. The volume adjustment wheel on the cable makes it quick and easy to control the sound level during gaming.

Microphone performance

As I previously mentioned, the microphone is positioned a fair distance away from the face. As a result, I found the regular volume to be a little inadequate compared to my previous headset. This is something that can be addressed in the audio setting on your device or within the game /software options. Once I’d increased the mic output on a skype call to a friend, the audio volume and clarity were both fine.


Overall I have been highly impressed with the build, audio quality and comfort of the Each G2000 especially considering it’s budget price.  I would have liked to have more control over the position of the microphone and only time will tell how it holds up to punishment from my spawn. Although I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s in the league of a professional gaming headset, I do think the Each G2000 is ideal for most casual gamers and the younger generation.

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  1. Amazing headset! Bit pricey for the material but really good audio and i know i said about the material being cheap but its not easy to brake unless you intentoinly try to break it i recomend it if you play games that you have to listen to like rainbow six ect

  2. Hello sir …..kotion each g2000 work on android mobile with out splitter…..I use only for listening… Do it work on mobile phone….plz tell me bro….

  3. I have 2 g200 they are coming apart the ear pieces are coming apart I have had them for several years and do not abuse them.

  4. Hey man I’ve been using it and it’s great and all but it doesn’t light up at all when I plug it into my controller the sound is amazing though. I plugged it into the USB port in my Xbox and it lit up but there’s no audio. I’ve check ever setting please if someone know how I can get the audio and lights to work that’d be awesome please please help me.

  5. Honestly hate this headset, the headphones work perfectly fine, I just got the damn thing. But the mic doesn’t work at all, I’m annoyed. I’ve seen so many good reviews of this mic but, my mic doesn’t even work? I’ve been researching for an hour now and no way of finding how to fix this problem. I don’t have the box any more as a family member threw it away so I can’t return it. I tried using for the Xbox 1, I was so upset to find out the mic doesn’t work…

    • If you buy the PS4 model it comes with another cord that has the same jak as the mic with two jak plugin things connect the mic to the red and the speaker to the black one then finally plug the jak into the controller.

  6. Hi. I’m a novice at all this! How do I connect it to the PS4 so I can hear and speak through the headset and not hear the sound through the tv?

  7. Just bought them online. Your review has made me very excited can’t wait for them to arrive. I share your offsprings destructive nature so hopefully this set will survive as you indicated 😂

  8. Terrible! Used the headset for a week and the right earphone stopped playing audio. Never dropped it. Never damaged it. It’s made out of plastic. Worth $10. Don’t waste your time or money

    • Hi Jacob, sorry to hear the headset failed on you, My son has been using his for months and it’s been fine. I’d send it back for a refund if it’s only lasted a week.

    • My G2000 stopped working for my Xbox, I have only had them for 2 months, so disappointed. Works for my phone and nothing else.
      Maybe someone has an idea to rectify….

  9. 50mm drivers, 3.5mm & usb, led lights, volume control..sounds like a 200 $ headset ..!!
    no just under 15 euros and free shipping from ebay 😀

  10. Nice review, I’ve been looking for an inexpensive set of gaming headphones for my boy, might give these a go – Thanks!


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