iClever bluetooth earphones review IC-BTH02 headphones

A Hands on review of the IC-BTH02 iClever bluetooth earphones

IC-BTH02 iClever Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth 4.1 enabled headphones with apt-X audio quality and CVC 6.0 noise suppression for hands-free voice calls.

With 7 hours playtime and 5 hours, talk time the iClever IC-BTH02 headphones are ideal for sports and fitness training.

  •  iClever IC-BTH02 Bluetooth Headset
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Cord management clip
  • 3 sets of earbuds
  • 3 sets of spare ear hooks
  • User Manual and Warranty

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Thoroughly testing a set of Bluetooth headphones prior to a writing review has to be one of my favourite past times. It provides the opportunity to listen to my favourite music for as long as the battery will allow. In the case of these iClever IC-BTH02 Blueooth earphones, I’ve had just over 7 hours of musical pleasure. During my marathon of music, I’ve made and received several calls through the iClever headset and thoroughly tested its range and features.


Shaped a little like a tear drop, the iClever earpieces are made from matte black plastic with a circular chrome coloured trim. Beyond the teardrop, they taper to midpoint that retains the ear hooks, then crank at an angle down to the rubber ear-buds.

The iClever bluetooth earphones fitted in the ear

Despite the earpieces being larger than a regular set of wired earphones they weigh practically nothing and seem to hold just as well, even when running. I’ve had them on for the best part of the day and barely had to adjust them once.

I’ll spare you from a shot of my lugs, but if you take a look at the image from iClever, you’ll see how the earhook sits against the inner lobe to provide additional support. I don’t think the hook sits quite like that for me.  Nevertheless, I’ve had absolutely no issues with the fit or their level of comfort.

As these Bluetooth earphones come with 3 sizes of earbuds and hooks, I’m sure most people will have no problem finding the right combination.

The left earpiece has a snug fitting rubber cover to conceal and protect the micro USB charging port. Nail biters beware! you’ll struggle to open it without the aid of a sharp edge – Penance for a filthy habit.

All the buttons for volume control, track selection and hands-free calling functions are found on the right earpiece.

A view of the USB charging port on the iClever bluetooth earphones

The cable that connects the two earpieces is about 55cm long and has a flattened anti-tangle design.  When worn, the cable passes around the back of your neck and it’s slack can be adjusted with the included cord management clip.

3Features and Testing

To switch on the IC-BTH02 iClever earphones on or off, hold the main function button on the right earpiece for 3 seconds. The iClever logo will then light up blue and there will also be an audio notification. To activate pairing mode, the button needs to be held for 5 seconds, the light with then begin flashing red and blue.

I paired the headphones with an Android phone, an iPad and also directly to a bluetooth transmitter plugged into my desktop PC.

A nice feature I noticed when using the iClever earphones with the iPad was a small battery level indicator directly next to the Bluetooth symbol. (see the bottom right of the photo)

Battery level status displayed on the iPad

Once paired the iClever will remember the previously connected devices and attempt to reconnect automatically when switched back on.  While connected the iClever logo will briefly flash on the right earpiece every 8 seconds. Despite the flash only lasting millisecond, it does light the entire logo which could catch the eyes of those around.

I’d have preferred to see just a tiny pin of light instead, perhaps just the dot on the “i” would have been enough.

To demonstrate this, I’ve used my incredible computer skills to create a little .gif for you guys to show the LED light in action.

Bluetooth indicator light on the iClever headphones

Once paired, the main button will then provide a play/pause control when playing music or a number of hands-free call functions such a start/end a call, redial last number or mute. These features are explained in detail in the user manual and work very well thanks to design of the large button.

When it comes to making and receiving calls these iCleverBlueooth earphones have performed far better they I could have imagined. When a call comes in, the music gently fades and a voice will read you the callers telephone number – handy if you have a vague idea of who the number belongs to.

The audio quality of the microphone was flawless, in fact no one had any idea I was on a headset until I told them.  I tested the performance further by chanting “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” as I walked further away from my phone.  I managed to get to the opposite end of my house without any issues.

As well as a good quality microphone, these iClever headphones also have the very latest CVC noise reduction technology designed to enhance audio, add noise suppression to the near and far end, as well as providing packet loss and bit error concealment.

4Audio Quality

I really cannot fault the IC-BTH02 earphones when it comes to their audio quality, especially considering the price.  The sound is well balanced and rich, this may be partially due to how well these fit in my ears, it’s almost like there’s a vacuum sucking them in – perhaps my brain is shrinking with old age.

As the rubber earbuds fit so well, I found the level of noise suppression from outside sources was almost too good. I personally feel a little disconnected from my surroundings when I can’t hear what’s going on around me.

I took these into the gym and found I had to actually remove the earpiece entirely before I could hear a gym rats pointless question – “Hey Brah, are you using that grip?”

  • Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
  • CSR apt-X technology
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Noise reduction: CVC 6.0
  • Standby time: about 175 hours
  • Playback/talk time:  7h /5h
  • Charging time: 2 hours


Overall I was highly impressed with the IC-BTH02 iClever Bluetooth earphones. The audio is way better than the price would suggest and the 7-hour playtime is great considering their weight. I found the hands free headset features and microphone were almost on par with the LG Tone Infinim.  I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a good quality yet affordable Bluetooth headset.

iClever IC-BTH02 bluetooth earphones come with a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 12 Month Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support and are available to buy online at Amazon.com

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Price information last updated on 06/11/2015 17:10 GMT
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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


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