iClever Foldable Keyboard review – Full size backlit folding USB/Bluetooth keyboard

The iClever full size backlit bluetooth foldable keyboard

iClever IC-BK05  full-size foldable keyboard

A full-size keyboard that’s folds down to half of its regular size. Featuring Bluetooth and USB connectivity which can be toggled back and forth with a hotkey.

Fully compatible with IOS, Windows and Android devices. The iClever IC-BK05 provides a highly reliable and compact keyboard solution across all platforms.

  • Full-size foldable keyboard
  • Backlit keys (green, blue and red)
  • USB and Bluetooth (switchable)
  • Supports IOS, Windows and Android
  • 300 hours Working time (5h when backlit)
  • Standby Time – 90 days
  • Charges Time 4 hours
  • Energy saving auto sleep mode
iClever foldable keyboard – Buy Online
price: $54.99*
Price updated on the 12th of September 2016 at 09.30 GMT
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This isn’t the first foldable keyboard I’ve tried, it’s not even the second. One broke after about a month and the other had keys suitable for a 10 year old. Looking down at the iClever IC-BK05 with its sturdy aluminium case and full size keys, fills me with hope. Could this be third time lucky?


The iClever foldable keyboard folded up to one third of the regular sizeWhen closed, the iClever IC-BK05 measures 16.5 x 12 x 1.4cm. Its aluminium body has a pleasant satin finish which stays fingerprint free when handled.

The sides have very neat piano hinges, made to a tight tolerance. There’s no gaps or sharp edges and the opening action is smooth and effortless.

The panels are held in their open or closed position with magnets. I do like the simplicity of this, but would have liked a mechanical method of locking the keyboard open.

The foldable keyboard from iClever has a well designed hinge.

There are two small flaps on each end that can be flipped open. Each has a couple of rubber feet that make good contact with the table surface.

The Tri-folding Bluetooth foldable keyboard from iCleverThe build quality on the inside is as impressive. The black keys fit with minimal gaps and the hinge line is barely visible when flat. This foldable keyboard has full-size keys. In fact, both the layout and overall size is almost identical to my regular keyboard, with the exception of a singular CTRL button on the left.

I’ve been using the iClever foldable keyboard to write this review and so far it’s been an absolute pleasure. It doesn’t feel like I’m having to compromise my work flow at all.

The full-size keys feel perfectly comfortable and as good as those found on most laptops.

Typing on the iClever full size foldable keyboard

Features and spec

There are two ways to connect the iClever foldable keyboard, with Bluetooth or USB.  Pairing with Bluetooth was a breeze on both my iPad and Android phone. Once established, you simply need to open up the keyboard and it will take over from the on-screen touchpad within a few seconds. Your device will revert back to the screen controls as soon as you fold the keyboard shut.

The USB connection and backlit keys on the iClever foldable keyboardThe iClever IC-BK05 comes with a long USB cable for wired connections. It will be recognised by the OS as a regular USB keyboard and will plug and play without problems. What’s really cool about it is that you can toggle between the USB and Bluetooth by pressing FN+1 or FN+2. Each device will switch from active to standby. Real handy for typing out a quick message on your phone or tablet while using the keyboard on your PC.

There are three backlit colours to choose from and each has two levels of brightness. There seems to be a vast difference in battery life when using the backlighting. iClever state 5 hours battery when lit, and a whopping 300 hours without. So unless you’re working in the dark, I suggest keeping it off.

The iClever foldable keyboard with backlit keys

I really like the power management on this keyboard. There’s no power on/off switch to worry about, and the device will drop into energy saver mode after 10 minutes. The iClever IC-BK05 foldable keyboard comes with a well-made user manual in various languages and good quality soft carry pouch.

The soft draw string pouch that comes with the iClever foldable keyboardVerdict

I’ve been hugely impressed with this device. Its build quality is the best I’ve seen from a foldable keyboard and it’s worked flawlessly throughout testing on my PC, iPad and Smartphone.

Although I have no plans to replace my mechanical keyboard anytime soon, the iClever IC-BK05 will definitely get a ton of use.  When I’m away from my office this foldable keyboard will be the perfect solution for writing hassle free emails on my iPad or Phone.

iClever foldable keyboard – Buy Online
price: $54.99*
Price updated on the 12th of September 2016 at 09.30 GMT
*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.
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Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


  1. Looks like the KeySonicKSK-3023BT, but with light.
    Problem: It wobbles down, when you press left and right.
    I stuck self-adhesive rubber bumpers on the four corners.

    I’m also looking for a full-size BlueTooth keyboard with keystroke, comfortable typing, but reasonably (semi) mobile.
    For example, collapsible like this.
    And abrasion-resistant lettering. In low light, lighting is not bad.
    And a simple mouse replacement (touch, trackball…) would not be wrong, but not mandatory.

    • This is indeed the “fullsize” big brother of the sleeker “75%-size” KSK3023BT model.

      Advantages over the smaller KSK3023:
      – familiar keys spacing
      – keys in six rows (nums and Fn-keys seperated) instead of five
      – back lightning
      bigger in size even when folded (KSK3023 is 25,2×9,2cm / folded: 14,5×9,2×1,6cm and presumably a bit lighter)

      Still like my tiny KSK3023 for its ruggedness and usability when on the go with my 10,1″ tablet: when unfolded it is only slightly broader than the tablet, folded it matches the tablet’s height, so proper fitting when working under cramped conditions and also in the bag.
      What I miss most on the smaller model is the absent “Delete” -key (just “Back drop”), at least on the German scheme, but still the most comfortable 3rd party keyboard.

  2. I love this keyboard, had it 2 months now, the battery on it is amazing and the full-size keys are as easy to use as my laptop. I think I’ve practically replaced my laptop with my iPad Air since I got this. Perfect for writing emails.


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