Edifier MP700 Bluetooth Speaker review

Edifier MP700 bluetooth speaker review by Gadgetviper

Edifier MP700 Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker with an elegant, yet retro design. The Edifier MP700 has a  boom-box shaped body, wrapped in a classy metal grill. Hidden underneath are two 70mm drivers and silk-dome tweeters, which put out an impressive 36 Watts of sound.

The MP700  features the latest CSR apt-X codecs, bluetooth 4.0, DSP and DRC processing and has an IP54 rating for outdoor use.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC pairing
  • CSR apt-X lossless transmission
  • 8 hours battery life (7600mAh)
  • DSP – Digital Signal Processing
  • DRC – Dynamic Range Control
  • 2x 70mm drivers, 2x 19mm tweeters
  • USB charging port
Edifier MP700 – buy online
price: $229.99*
Price updated on the 15th of June 2016 at 18:10 GMT
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I’m looking directly at the Edifier MP700 portable Bluetooth speaker right now and it’s leaving me somewhat puzzled. Half of me wants to get nostalgic over its retro style, with its chunky beat-box handle. The other half wants to rave about its elegant and minimalistic modern design. Maybe I’ll just call it ‘Modern Retro’ and have done with it.

2Design and Build Quality

The Edifier MP700 is 280mm in length, 66mm wide and stands 160mm tall (including the handle). Weighing a total of 1.5kgs, the MP700 is by no means lightweight for its size. This is partly down to the hardware inside, but also its general construction.

Along its length is a criss-cross detailed aluminium grill, that curves neatly around the top and bottom of the speaker. Its rounded edges and metallic surface look fantastic when lit by daylight.

As the front and back are identical in appearance, it’s fairly easy to place it down facing the wrong way on the odd occasion.

‘EDIFIER’ is stamped on the left side of the brushed metal handle, which should make it a little easier to set it down correctly.

The Edifier logo stamped on the handle of the MP700 portable bluetooth speaker

In true retro beat-box style, the handle on the Edifier MP700 rotates backward. It is restricted to 90 degrees, so it doesn’t really make it any more compact to transport. The handle seems to have three resting positions. It holds rigid when vertical, on its side and at a 45 degree angle. I’m not quite sure the reasoning for this, maybe it’s just for aesthetics?

The Edifier MP700 portable bluetooth speaker has a chunky handle that rotates 90 degrees On the top of the Edifier MP700 is a soft rubber surface with three manual control buttons. The buttons are very responsive to the touch and the symbols are deep enough to identify without having to look.

Its underside also has a rubberised finish. The combination of its weight and the large rubber base gives the MP700 a tonne of stability.

There’s absolutely no chance of this speaker vibrating along a table surface at full volume, like some I’ve tested.

the underside of the Edifier MP700 portable bluetooth speaker

The overall build quality of the Edifier MP700 is great. There’s no messy edges or detailing and all the finishes work well together. Its clean ‘modern retro’ design, ticks all my boxes. It’s been a while since I held a better looking portable speaker.

3Features and Specs


The Edifier M700 is clearly designed to be simplistic in terms of its functionality. The top three buttons are all pretty standard. The power button activates pairing mode when held, and the other two buttons adjust the volume or skip tracks.

Underneath a protected cover on the right side of the speaker is an Aux-in port, a DC-in and a USB charging port for mobile devices.

  • Bluetooth 4.0, NFC tap to pair
  • CSR aptX streaming codecs
  • DSP and dynamic range control
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
  • Frequency response: 80Hz~20kHz
  • 2x 10W 70mm drivers
  • 2X 8W silk dome tweeters
  • 3 passive radiators
  • 8 Hours playback (7600mAh battery)
  • Aux-in and USB charging port

Unlike most portable Bluetooth speakers, the MP700 doesn’t have audio notifications such as “POWER ON, PAIRING, BATTERY LOW.” This really doesn’t bother me, as I generally find it an unnecessary feature. If the blue LED is flashing, then it’s seeking a device to connect to.  If it’s a solid light, then it’s connected – simple.

The important thing to know on a Bluetooth speaker, is how much battery is remaining. Other reviewers of the Edifier MP700, suggest there is no way of knowing unless you have it plugged into the mains adapter.

This is not true! When you turn the device on, it will briefly light up 1 to 6 small white LEDs directly next to the port cover.

Battery status indicator on the Edifier MP700 bluetooth speaker

My only dislike about this device is that the input port for charging is not a standard Micro USB. If I’m out and about for an extended period of time, I often like to take an external battery with me to top up portable devices. Had the Edifier MP700 had a micro USB input or a mains adapter with a detachable USB connector, I’d have had that option. This is actually fairly common on high-end portable Bluetooth speakers, the Bose Soundlink III has a very similar mains adapter.

4Sound Quality

The Edifier MP700 has a very well balanced and clear sound throughout its volume level. This may have something to do with its dynamic range control. The low-end is fairly substantial, considering the size of the drivers and it does a great job of remaining undistorted at full volume.

When comparing MP700 to similar Bluetooth speakers in terms of size and price, it definitely holds its ground.  I’ve had it next to the Bose Soundlink III and I have to say I prefer the sound from the MP700. It’s not quite on the same level as the B&W T7 but then again, neither is the price.


The Edifier MP700 deserves its place alongside some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. It’s solid in both build quality and audio performance and easily worth the asking price.

To see more about Edifier and their range of audio product, please visit their website.

Edifier MP700 – buy online
price: $229.99*
Price updated on the 15th of June 2016 at 18:10 GMT
*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.
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Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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  1. I really like the look of this Bluetooth Speaker, I’ve had a Bose Soundlink for years, does it really equal it in Sound Quality?


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