AnyPro car jump starter power bank review

AnyPro compact car jump starter and power bank review

Update, As this model is currently unavailable, I highly recommend you check an alternative portable car jump starter that I recently reviewed. It’s the best compact jump starter I’ve tested and I can highly recommend it, here’s the link.

AnyPro Car Jump Starter

The AnyPro car jump starter is a compact multi-functional device capable of jumping car batteries, charging a laptop, tablet or smartphone and providing emergency lighting.

With a 600A peak output and 15000mAh battery capacity, the AnyPro can jump a car or van up to 20 times even without a car battery attached.

  • 600A Peak / 15000mAh car jump starter
  • Cigarette lighter charging adapter
  • USB charging cable for smartphones
  • Mains adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Hard carry case
  • 12-month warranty

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AnyPro car Jump starter – Full Review


Having reviewed a large amount of portable charging devices, I occasionally come across one that makes me think “wow, I need this in my life!“.  I’m sure there are many people who have been lucky enough to not need to jump start their car battery and I congratulate them for their good fortune or impeccable level of car maintenance. I happen to be on the opposite end of the scale. If I told you I’ve had to jump start my car over 4 times in the last year, you’d probably not believe me, but it’s true.  I’d like to blame the dead batteries on circumstances outside of my control, but that would be a lie. The truth is when it comes to the up keep of cars, I will avoid doing the most basic of tasks for no apparent reason.

About 5 years ago, the little beeping sound that warns you that you have left your lights on, stopped working. I could have immediately checked the fuse or asked a car mechanic to correct it, but instead I chose to put it on my ‘to do’ list. Unfortunately this list is a mile long and stretches back further than my fading memory can reach. Confessing this failure, almost makes me want to grab my car manual, find out which fuse controls the warning beep, and go check it……..hmm, maybe I will, after I complete this review?

2Build Quality

The AnyPro car jump starter and all of the bundled accessories come neatly inside a very sturdy zipped hard carry case.  Measuring 230mm x 170mm x 60mm it’s compact enough to fit most glove boxes or slip underneath a front seat.

Inside the case, everything has it’s place. The AnyPro jump starter is contained in it’s own compartment with the mains adapter, cigarette lighter adapter and jump leads below.

On the inside of the lid is a mesh pocket containing the various laptop plugs, a USB cable and the instruction manual.

The AnyPro car jump starter and all it's accessories

The included accessories are well made and of a good quality. The jumper leads and crocodile clips are well insulated and plated with a combination of copper and industrial gold for the best possible conduction.  The USB smartphone charging cable has the ‘AnyPro’ logo printed on it. This may seem insignificant to some, but for me it’s always nice to see.  It prevents the cable being lost amongst the countless generic USB leads I’m gradually accumulating.

The jump leads supplie with the AnyPro car battery jump starter

laptop charging plugs and USB cable that comes with the AnyPro portable car jump starter

The AnyPro car jump starter has a very pleasant matte finish which almost feels rubberised to the touch.  On the top there is a large power button that will activate the charge, toggle the torchlight modes and also display the battery indicator. The remaining charge is displayed in increments of 25% with bright blue LED lights to the left of the button. There can be no mistaking the main purpose of this device with “Car Jump Starter” printed in large bold letters over it. Clear identification is probably a wise move considering is can put out 600Amps of juice.

The AnyPro car starter and portable laptop chargerThe inputs and outputs are all positioned on the front of the device. The output for the car jump starter cables are on the far left underneath a rubber cover. This cover is snug to say the least and is a little fiddly to close it back up.  This isn’t really much of an issue considering how rarely most ‘normal’ people would actually need to jump their car batteries.

Next to the car starter output are 2, 5V/2.1A USB ports for charging phones and tablets.  To the right there’s an input port for recharging the AnyPro’s battery and a 19V/3.5A output to charge a laptop or notebook. The overall build quality of the AnyPro car jump starter is great, it feels very solid and I like the finish.



  • 15000mAh battery capacity
  • Jump start current 300A
  • Peak current 600A
  • LED brightness – 90Lm


  • 12V 300A/600A Jump start
  • 5V/2.1A smart ports for phones
  • 5V/2.1A smart ports for phones
  • 19V/3.5A port for Laptops and Notebooks

The AnyPro offers 2 jump starter modes, ‘Smart mode‘ which is the standard mode for starting a drained battery and the M-Mode which can start a car or van with a completely dead battery or even without one attached.

It’s 15000mAh high capacity internal lithium battery can put out enough juice for 20 separate jump start attempts or roughly 4-5 full phone charges.

The brigh LED torchlight on the AnyPro Car Jump Starter

The hazard light setting on the AnyPro car jump starter

As well as providing a method to jump your car, charge 2 phones simultaneously or a laptop / notebook, the AnyPro also has an impressively bright LED torch with 3 modes.  The torch is activated by holding down the power button for 3 seconds. Another press will switch it to S.O.S / strobe mode and a further press will switch it to a slow flashing orange hazard light.


To test the AnyPro car jump starter, I first required a flat battery. I did this by leaving the headlamps on while my car sat in the driveway. I’d like to say, more than one of my concerned neighbours came knocking at my door to kindly let me know. At which point I could strike up an interesting conversation about how I’m actually doing a review of a portable car jump starter, and maybe even show them the product.

After hours of patiently waiting, the headlights gradually began fading out, leaving me a little saddened by the lack of neighbourhood spirit in my street these days.

I got in the car and turned my engine over, strangely hoping for it NOT to start. She tried her best, but eventually gave up.  Once the wurrring engine noise was replaced by the dreaded clicking sound, I knew it was time to put the AnyPro to the test.

I raised the car bonnet, attached the crocodile clips to the battery terminals and plugged the connector into the AnyPro. To switch it to smart mode, I pressed the small power button on the cable connector for 1 second until the blue indicator lights came on. I then jumped in the car, turned the key and it fired up first time! I’d say the whole process took less than a minute and worked flawlessly. So much easier than begging a friend to come around with his jumper leads.


I like this product a lot, as you can probably tell from the length of this review and I can highly recommend it anyone who owns a vehicle. There are some items that every car owner should have – A spare tyre, a jack, a first aid kit and this.

I hope you enjoyed this review, if so, please leave a comment below or share it with the social buttons –  Now, what was that thing I told myself I was going to do as soon as I had finished this review?

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  1. Have had mine for two half years. Went to use it to help my dad with a flat battery and it needed charging, but it will not charge!

    • Sorry to hear that, I gave my unit to my brother as a Christmas gift as I have a few others, I’ll ask him to recharge his and see if there is a similar issue. I know some Lithium batteries don’t like to be fully depleted for an extended period of time. I remember reading that a power bank or Car Jump starters should be fully charged once every 6 months to maintain battery health. Not sure if it mentioned that in the User-Manual, although that doesn’t help much now 🙁 Have you tried an alternative micro USB charging cable, just to rule out the possibility that it’s not passing the charge through?

      • Thanks Simon, When i plugged it in, the first light flashes but that’s it. I will try with another lead and let you know!

  2. I purchased one when amazon were doing lightening deals in the uk before xmas and i got it for £49.99, what a bargain price. I havent used it yet to start a car battery. Ive only used it on my iphone and ipad and it charges up pretty fast. Its good to hear from other people that it does truly work for starting cars, it was one of those devices where you would be so sceptical about it because of its size. Plus some of the reviews on amazon were done by people who got it for free and was unsure if the reviews would be biased.

    • I bought one about 3 months back, used it yesterday to help a guy stuck at a car park with a flat battery, it worked perfectly. Think the guy’s going to buy one for himself, he was amazed by it.

  3. Its supposed to be able to hold a 75% charge for up to 12 months and just needs topping up every 6 months to keep it at full capacity!

    I have bought one and it started a friends S class Mercedes 3.4 litre without even the battery being attached, its a superbly brilliant powerful little device
    Probably one of my best ever buys!

    • Hi Kevin, Thanks for leaving a comment, to jump start a 3.4l without a battery attached is very impressive. It’s peak current is way more than most other compact jump starters, which I’m guessing makes it more suitable for vehicles with bigger engines.

  4. You welcome, I took a look in my glove box at the power indicator (it’s been in there for 2 weeks now) it’s still showing a full charge, so hopefully the standby time on this Car Charger is good, I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I was looking for a compact car jump starter and found this review, took a chance on it and bought one, so pleased I did, it seems like a great product (haven’t had the misfortune of a dead battery just yet though) – Thanks for the review 🙂


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