KSCAT Nice18f Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Earbuds with MP3 player

Hands on review on the KSCAT Nice18f IPX8 Waterproof Swimming Earbuds with Bluetooth 4.1 and built-in 8gig MP3 player

KSCAT Nice18f Headphones

Around the ear sports headphones fully waterproof to a depth of 1.5m. The KSCAT Nice18F earbuds have Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless connectivity as well as a built-in 8gb mp3 player.


  • IPX8 rated, swim to a depth of 1.5m
  • Bluetooth 4.1 for outside the water
  • Built-in 8gb MP3 player for swimming
  • Up to 13 Hours Bluetooth playtime

Pros and Cons

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Not just for listening to music while swimming, they’re also ideal for running outdoors in all weather conditions.


Over the last two weeks, I’ve used the KSCAT Nice18f Bluetooth headphones at the gym, outdoors in the rain and in the bath (see video). I know they’re designed for the purpose of swimming, which I will eventually do, but I have to say, these work equally as well for just about any activity.

2Inside the box

The KSCAT Nice18f headphones arrived neatly packaged with the earphones visible through the front.

Inside the box, there are spare earbuds in various shapes and sizes, a drawstring bag, Micro USB charging cable and a very detailed user manual.

KSCAT have clearly taken a lot of effort to ensure the end user is well informed. The user manual does a great job of explaining all the features, controls and specifications.

A look at the contents of the KSCAT Nice18f Bluetooth Earphone box

There is a section in the manual that covers the procedure for taking care of Earphones during and after swimming. This basically involves blowing into the USB port and squeezing the water from the earbuds.

Care and maintenance of the KSCAT Nice18f Bluetooth waterproof headphones after swimmingAll the included components are or a high quality. The drawstring bag appears to be made from a water resistant material which should be ideal for storing wet headphones.

There are four different earbuds, five including the ones fitted to the Nice18f earphones. Three are the standard dome-shaped buds in various sizes and there’s also two ‘Christmas tree style’ earbuds.

The Micro USB charging and data transfer cable is relatively short at just 12 inches in length.

The spare earbuds that come with the KSCAT swimming earphones

3Design and Features

The KSCAT Nice18f earphones wrap neatly around the ear and pass behind the head with a semi-rigid cable that connects the left and right sides. The cable’s design does a great job of creating just enough contact with the back of the head to provide a very consistent fit.

All of the Bluetooth, hands-free and MP3 player controls are found on the right-side earpiece. On the top, there’s a small LED indicator light, a play/pause and power button.

The power button is multifunctional and will toggle between Bluetooth and MP3 player mode by holding the button down for two seconds.

A look at the top controls on the KSCAR swimming earphones

On the underside, there are volume and track adjustment controls and a micro USB port protected by a rubber cover. The buttons are easy to find and take no time at all to become familiar with.

The underside of the KSCAT Bluetooth swimming headphones


  • 8GB storage (mp3 format)
  • Bluetooth play time: Up to 13 hours
  • MP3 play time: 6 hours
  • Hands-free talk time: 5.5 hours
  • Standby time: 120 hours
  • Charge time: 2 hours


  • Bluetooth Version: V4.1
  • Range: 10m (33 Feet)
  • Bluetooth files: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Frequency: 2.402Hz – 2.480GHz
  • Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-15KHz
  • Mic Sensitivity: 98dB


As I mentioned in the review intro, these headphones work exceptionally well for all types of activities. Since making the video above, I’ve been out running in heavy rain and back to the gym twice. Having used a large number of ‘over’ and ‘in-ear’ style headphones over the years, I have to say these rank very highly in terms of stability when training.

With regards to the reliability of the waterproofing, I left the Nice18f earphones in a bathtub of water for over 2 hours without any problems.

The one negative I can say regarding the user experience with these headphones is the limitation of only being able to skip a single track at a time. Considering there is enough storage for 2000 songs, there definitely needs to be a way to skip albums/files as well. I did raise this concern with KSCAT and they are looking at introducing this functionality in a firmware update.

For the meantime, I’d simply limit the number of tracks I’d store on the mp3 player to a manageable amount, big enough to exceed the time I might spend swimming. Outside of the pool, I would typically use it in Bluetooth mode anyway.

5Sound Quality

The KSCAT Nice18f headphones are well balanced and produce a clear and clean sound with a good volume level. The low-end is not particularly heavy, but I’m not a fan of overpowered bass anyway. The quality and weight of audio from any set of ‘in-ear’ headphones are largely down to the fit of the earbuds. With the five variations of buds included, it should just be a matter of finding the set that’s right for you. The default earbuds worked perfectly fine for me, both in and out of the water.


I can highly recommend these earphones for all sports activities wet or dry. With the testing phase of my review over, I’m still reaching for these when I’m about to leave for the gym. I’d say that’s a good guide to their performance, considering I have about a dozen other options to choose from.

I’m hoping the KSCAT Nice18f earbuds will motivate me to swim more often. If not, at least I can relax in the bath listening to my favourite music with my ears below the water surface.

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  1. me gusto mucho. en mi pais los que llegaron son los nice 18T como diferencia veo que no tiene conexion directa con micro usb, sino con una conexion como la de los nokias viejos, con pines.


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