Havit 2-in1 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter with Low Latency apt-X

A Bluetooth music adapter that can stream simultaneously to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers at the same time!

A review of the HAVIT 2-in1 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter featuring apt-X low latency Bluetooth streaming and multi-connectivity

Update: Guys, I’ve been using this device for over two months now, mostly as a Bluetooth adapter connected to my old Denon AV receiver and I’ve been hugely impressed with it. I’d love to add it to my list of the Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver reviews of 2018, but strictly speaking, it’s also a transmitter. If I get around to making a list of the best Bluetooth transceivers, this would definitely top it!

HAVIT Bluetooth Music Adapter

A Bluetooth music receiver and transmitter featuring apt-X low latency codecs to prevent any lip-sync issues whilst streaming audio.

With dual connection technology, the HAVIT Bluetooth audio adapter can stream music simultaneously to two sets of headphones or speakers at the same time.


  • 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Reciever
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Low Latency apt-X for CD-quality audio
  • 12 to 15 hours battery life
  • 2-hour recharge time
  • Connects to two devices simultaneously
  • Optical Toslink or 3.5mm AUX output

Pros and Cons

Where to Buy?

HAVIT Bluetooth Music adapter Latest Price Shipping Product Page
Amazon Marketplace $29.99* Free delivery view

Price updated – 1st of May 2018 at 11.00 am GMT
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Dual Bluetooth streaming is such a great feature especially if you have two kids sharing a single device.


There are three types of Bluetooth music adapters. There are Bluetooth receivers, Bluetooth transmitters, and those that do both. From experience, Bluetooth audio adapters that transmit and receive never seem to measure up to those dedicated to a single function.

For this reason, I’d normally advise on choosing one type or the other, however, this particular device has proved me wrong. In actual fact, the HAVIT 2-in-1 is hands down the most versatile Bluetooth music adapter I’ve ever tested. It’s impressed me so much, I’m planning on producing a video demonstration of it in action on our YouTube channel. In the meantime, here’s the review…

2Design and Build Quality.

The HAVIT 2-in-1 Bluetooth music adapter comes inside a tidy looking black box with the main unit well protected by a foam lined lid. Also included is a 3.5mm AUX lead, a micro USB, and a good quality Optical TosLINK cable.

Having reviewed many Bluetooth receivers over the last 2 years, It’s pleasing to see an optical cable actually included with the product.

That being said, depending on your needs, you may need an additional 3.5mm to RCA cable if you’re using it in Bluetooth receiver mode on some HiFi’s systems.

The TosLINK optical cable that comes with the HAVIT Bluetooth Receiver

The HAVIT Bluetooth audio adapter is exceptionally compact and lightweight. It’s roughly the size of a pack of Post-It notes and weighs just 30 grams (1.3oz). Its angular top is glossy, the sides are a matte black and the base has a non-slip rubber texture.

The HAVIT Bluetooth music adapter design and build quality

There is a single button on the top that powers on the device, pairs when double tapped and plays or pauses in Bluetooth receiver mode. On the side are two small toggle switches. The TX/RX to alternate between transmitting or receiving and SPDIF/AUX to selects the desired connection method.

All of the inputs and output are at the back of the device. There’s a 3.5mm AUX port, two optical ports (in and out) and the 5V micro USB charging port.

The overall design and build quality is good. The housing is well made and the device is small enough to go unnoticed in most pockets.

The rear ports on the HAVIT Bluetooth reciever and trasmitter

3Specs and Features

Bluetooth Chipset Codecs Battery Life Charging Time
V4.1 CSR BC8670 aptX-LL, aptX, SBC, Faststream 15 Hours (AUX) 12 Hours (SPDIF) 2 Hours

The HAVIT Bluetooth music adapter will store up to 4 devices in its memory in TX mode and 8 in RX mode. It will attempt to connect to the most recent one first. If it can’t detect any previously paired device it will automatically switch to pairing mode. You can also double tap the power button to enter pairing mode manually.

Pairing was quick and easy with all devices. I purposely tested the HAVIT 2-in-1 with a few headsets I’ve previously had trouble pairing with other Bluetooth transmitters. I’m pleased to say they all connected perfectly.

The specified battery life seems fairly accurate. I’ve definitely had over 10 hours playtime so far and I’m yet to recharge it. The device also has a battery saving auto-off feature after 5 minutes without activity.

4What makes this Bluetooth adapter so versatile?

Using it for watching Movies and Gaming

The HAVIT Bluetooth adapter features aptX Low Latency and FastStream codecs. These ensure you’ll have practically no lag when watching films or gaming. To get the most out of this technology you need to make sure your Bluetooth headphones or speakers are apt-X or FastStream compatible. If they’re not, it will revert to a slower SBC codec. This is fine for music, but you’ll probably notice the delay when watching a movie.

Dual Stream Bluetooth Technology

I can’t even begin to tell you how useful this is. See my two young boys in the picture above playing their god awful PlayStation console? Until now, I’ve had to endure the noise of creepers explosions and, hissing spiders. The HAVIT 2-in-1 adapter has brought me a joyful peace – that alone has been worth the price tag!

Using it Outdoors

Earlier on I mentioned that it’s small enough to go unnoticed in most pockets. You might be thinking ‘why would I need to carry this around in my pocket?‘ after all, just about every phone has Bluetooth connectivity already?

I’ve got a Galaxy S7 Edge and my friend has an iPhone 7. Both phones will allow multiple connections to Bluetooth devices but neither will play music to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time. By carrying this device in my pocket plugged into my S7 Edge with the 3.5mm cable, we can both listen to the same music while we workout or hike together.

Streaming music to two Bluetooth speakers

I’ve reviewed Bluetooth speakers that link up together as left and rights channels. This is a cool feature but it does mean you’d need a matching set. The HAVIT music adapter will connect simultaneously with any two Bluetooth speakers and allow you to use them both together to extend the reach of your music throughout the home.

Adding Bluetooth connectivity to your old HiFi or AV Receiver

By switching the HAVIT music adapter to Bluetooth receiver mode it can be connected to any audio equipment with an AUX-in or a fibre optic port.

I’ve got it connected to my old dusty Denon AV-receiver. The audio quality is great and the connection has not faltered once.

Using the HAVIT 2-in-1 Bluetooth music adapter to upgrade your HiFi


As you can probably tell, I really like this product. The apt-X low latency codecs and Dual stream technology make this an extremely versatile device. Beyond its features, the HAVIT 2-in-1 Bluetooth audio adapter has proved reliable and consistent. It’s without question, great value for money and I can highly recommend it.

HAVIT Bluetooth Audio adapter Latest Price Shipping Product Page
Amazon Marketplace  $29.99* Free delivery view

Price updated – 1st of May 2018 at 11.00 am GMT
*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.
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Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you’d like to see a video review of it in action, please leave me a comment down below.

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