Gatekeeper chain – bluetooth proximity lock and keychain finder

Update (June 2016)

There is a new version of the GateKeeper with some real improvements over the previous model in both design and features. Click here to  find out more about the Gatekeeper 2.0.

GateKeeper chain (V1 review)

The Gatekeeper chain is a bluetooth proximity device that has been developed to make it easier than ever to automatically protect your privacy whenever you walk away from your Mac or PC.  With the added bonus of being an effective bluetooth location tracker, the Gatekeeper keychain is a functional time-saving gadget for both the home and the office.

The Gatekeeper bluetooth proximity keychain review

Who needs a Gatekeeper Chain?

If you an employee of a company that adopts strict security measures to protect the data on your workstation, you may have to keep your PC or Mac secure by logging in and out of the operating system each time you leave your desk.  This may not be an overly time consuming or difficult process for many.  If you happen to be a fairly solitary un-hydrated individual with a simple login password then you probably are not going to benefit hugely from the Gatekeeper.  However, if you keep a complicated password with symbols and capitol letters such as MyPaSsWoRD!*Sucks! and you are away from your desk fairly regularly, the Gatekeeper chain is the perfect office gadget.

In my case, as a caffeine junky with a partially worn out bladder and an unproductive habit of waffling with colleagues to break up the day, the Gatekeeper is a very handy little device indeed.  While I may not be in charge of top secret government documents, I do usually have various chat windows and social media accounts open in the background which I’m eager to keep away from prying eyes.

I have also found the Gatekeepers secondary function as a bluetooth location tracker extremely useful. I’ve been known to leave my keys in some ridiculously obscure places. One morning I spent well over an hour hunting for my keys, eventually finding them stuffed inside a tissue box! On that particular occasion it was my 8 year old sons fault, however I have been known to leave them in equally dubious locations.

How does the Gatekeeper work?

 As a PC and Mac bluetooth proximity lock and unlock device
Once you have popped the battery into the Gatekeeper fob and installed the software on your computer (which is a small 2mb program) you simply plug the tiny USB stick into a port and follow on the on-screen instruction.

By using the slider bar on the lock distance settings , you are able to easily adjust the range that the gatekeeper bluetooth proximity sensor activates the auto computer lock and unlock feature.

I found the installation and set-up of the Gatekeeper extremely easy to complete.  With the device settings shown on the screenshot, my PC logs in and out when I move about 8 feet from my desk.

Simple to use Gatekeeper chain software to set up your auto-lock and un-lock bluetooth proximity sensors
As a Blueooth location tracker using the Gatekeeper smartphone app.
The Gatekeeper chain also acts as an effective bluetooth location tracker
The Gatekeeper fob can be attached to your keyring to allow you to find your keys no matter where have left them.  I purposely placed them in the fridge for the shot, but I must admit I have found my keys in there before…

The app which is as simple as the computer software, guides you easily through the process of pairing your gatekeeper chain with your phone.  You can pair multiple gatekeeper devices and give them a unique names eg “My keys” and “Her Keys

If you need to locate your keys, you simply open the app, which will then turn your bluetooth on (if it’s not already running). There is a distance bar that will increase as you approach the gatekeeper and an audible beep from the device itself.

The Gatekeeper Chain – Design

The Gatekeeper chain is extremely compact, measuring just 45mm x 25mm by 7mm and weighs practically nothing.  The keychain comes in a choice of 6 colours from subtle silver and black to more vibrant options such as green, orange, blue and gold.  Included with the bluetooth keychain are 2 replacement batteries, a hinged ring and a tiny USB stick that fits into the back of your PC or Mac.

The Gatekeepr Keychain designed to automatically lock and unlock your PC or Mac

The Gatekeeper Chain – Specifications

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 100 feet
  • Battery Life – 3-6 months (replaceable CR2032H batteries)
  • Bluetooth location tracker  app compatible with Android 4.3 and above and iOS 7 and above
  • AES Encryption for wireless data interactions
Price and Availability

The Gatekeeper Chain is available on Amazon or directly from the manufactures website.

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