Flip Alarm Clock – Not to be confused with a Flip Clock

A flip alarm clock is not to be confused with a flip clock, which happens to be a totally different type of clock altogether. For those of you who remember the brilliant film “Groundhog Day” will instantly know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you who weren’t even born when that film was made, it’s just like the film “Edge of Tomorrow” with a few less explosions.
The flip clock above from the film Groundhog day is called a Panasonic RC6025, and if you are interested in some trivia, there are actually 2 specially made clocks that play the exact audio from the scene.

Anyway……. enough talk about flip clocks and great movies, let’s talk about the Flip Alarm clock. The concept is simple, it’s an alarm clock that flips over to turn on and off.Flip Alarm Clock - not to be confused with a flip clockThe clock’s display rights itself, much like a tablet or smartphone would when you turn it on its side.

When it comes to technology and design, there is one thing that always appeals to me – Simplicity. I cannot think of a more appropriate place to adopt the rule of simplicity than in an alarm clock.  Let’s face it, even Bill Gates himself would have trouble locating some little switch or button on an alarm clock the moment it goes off.

Even though the flip alarm clock is designed to be simple, it still has all the features you would expect from an alarm clock.  A snooze function and a backlit display are activated simply by touch.Flip Alarm Clock - Available in loads of colours

The flip alarm clock is available in a whole spectrum of colours to suit your preference, is lightweight and compact enough to make it perfect to take travelling.

I absolutely love this alarm clock, I only wish other things in the bedroom could be turned on by simply flipping them over…..(man joke – my bad)

Buying the Flip Alarm Clock in the UK

For the largest range of colours available visit Amazon.co.uk alternatively, you can get either the blue, lime, red or purple flip alarm clock at Firebox

Buying the Flip Alarm Clock outside the UK

For your best buy on the Flip Alarm Clock outside of the UK please visit Amazon.com


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