Edifier M3200BT speakers – bluetooth enabled 2.1 speaker system

Edifier M3200BT speakers

Following on from the popular Edifier M3200 multimedia speakers, the M3200BT now offers bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity.

Featuring stylish hourglass satellite speakers, a backlit aluminium volume controller and a powerful sub with bass adjustment.

  • 2.1 sound system with 34W
  • 5½” Subwoofer with bass adjustment
  • Hourglass satellite speakers
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity
  • Volume controller with halo light
  • PC, CD and AUX inputs
  • Headphone port on volume controller

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1Edifier M3200BT – Design

The Edifier M3200BT speaker system is made up of four separate components, comprising of two satellite speakers, a sub and an independent volume adjustment unit.

The three-sided satellite speakers are 11 inches in height and feature a stylish hourglass shape. The front face is covered in a soft thin black cloth, while the curved sides have a high-gloss finish. The bases are weighty enough to provide stability, despite their relatively small footprint and soft pads offer a good point of contact.

The wooden enclosed subwoofer stands nine inches tall, has a width of 6 inches and a depth from front to back of 12 inches.

Despite its fairly standard box shape, it’s finished well with a good mix of glossy surfaces and a neat silver trim to match the satellite speakers.

Edifier M3200BT 2.1 speakers viewed from above

Whether or not it’s worthy of a spot on your desk is up to personal preference.  In my view, a sub-woofer can quite happily be tucked out of the way under the table. Bass waves are omnidirectional, so unlike mids and highs, a sub will spread sound even if it’s down at your feet.

As for the final component of the Edifier M3200BT, there can be absolutely no debate as to where to place it. The halo lit volume adjuster with it’s machined aluminium rotary dial, is for me, the highlight of this system. Aside from it providing volume control, a headphone connection and auxiliary port, it also indicates power and connectivity status.

The Edifier M3200BT rotary volume control with a red halo light

The halo light will glow red to indicate the Edifier M3200BT is on and ready, assuming you have plugged a PC or wired device in.

The Edifier M3200BT rotary volume control with a blue halo light to indicate a bluetooth connectionThe Halo light will glow blue to indicate it has made a bluetooth connection to a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet of laptop.

Anyone old enough to remember the 80’s will probably have memories of Hi-Fi systems and record players with similar large aluminium dials on.  Cranking up the volume reminds me of being a boy again, toying with my dad’s stereo.  Just like then, I was compelled to yank the knob off, only this time I didn’t get a clip round the ear for my trouble.

The overall design and build quality of the Edifier M3200BT is impressive and while the sub-woofer may not win any beauty contests, the satellites and the volume unit certainly make up for that.

2Edifier M3200BT – Features and Sound

The Bluetooth enabled subwoofer features a bass adjustment dial on the rear of the box. On it’s lowest setting the bass is considerably weak and I doubt anyone would choose to have it that low. In contrast, when the bass is set to maximum, it is rich and deep and seems to hold out well at full volume. I won’t go as far to say that it’s strong enough to vibrate screws loose, but it’s more than ample, especially considering the 5½” driver size.  After a week of testing this speaker on a number of devices, I have the bass dial set at around 60%.

Setting up Edifier M3200BT is an absolute breeze. There is a single switch at the rear for mains power and a 3.5mm male to male phono lead to connect to your PC or audio device.

The satellite speakers connect at the rear with regular RCA leads and the volume control connects with what looks like a VGA socket.

A view of the connection ports on the Edifier M3200BT speakers

Pairing with Bluetooth is simply a matter of selecting the Edifier device from the list of available devices on your smartphone or tablet.  The M3200BT appears to always be in pairing mode, and there is no button to press to establish a connection.

NFC tap to pair feature on the M3200BT Edifier speakers

As I demonstrated in the video at the top of this review, the right satellite speaker also has a tap to pair NFC sensor on the top.

The bluetooth connection is strong and reliable even at distances close to 10 metres. There appears to be no noticeable loss of quality when compared to a direct wired connection.

The overall audio performance, considering the size of the speakers and the price bracket, has far exceeded my expectations. The satellites produce a clean and precise sound that balances well with the bass from the sub woofer.

3Edifier M3200BT – Verdict

I have been greatly impressed with the design, build quality and audio performance of the M3200BT and recommend them to anyone looking for affordable 2.1 multimedia speakers. The addition of bluetooth connectivity sets them apart from many other PC speaker systems. Sometimes it’s good to step away from the screen and relax with some music, the Edifier M3200BT’s make that possible.

To learn more about Edifier and their range of speakers, please visit their website and if you found this review useful, please share it socially or leave a comment below – Thanks!

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  1. Is there any way to turn off the Bluetooth when not in use? Having no security pin or physical button for it would allow others to connect to your speakers and you’ll just be surprised that music or other stuff would be playing. I imagine this would be a nightmare in dorms.

    • Hi Peter, I don’t think there is any way of adding a security code to the M3200BT for the Bluetooth connection. There is a power on-off switch on the back of the subwoofer if it’s placed somewhere that’s easy to reach you could flip it off when you’re device is not paired up. Aside from the security, it’s a really good speaker system for the price, I recently reviewed a similar one by CreativeLabs (no security on that either) and the Edifier is way better.


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