Pebble Steel Smartwatch – Finally a Watch that actually looks smart

The Pebble Steel Smartwatch has taken a huge leap in design over the previous model.  The first time I saw the previous Pebble on a guys arm I mistook it for kids watch.  You may happen to like a brightly coloured plastic watch that looks like it just dropped out of a 2p arcade machine.  But for me to be prepared to wear a watch like that it would have to be “Her” smart. By that I mean it would need an artificial intelligence with the voice of Scarlet Johannson.yah! I got a Pebble Smartwatch mum!

I loved the tech of the previous watch, which is actually much the same in the new Pebble Steel model.  The design, however, was probably the furthest from what I consider aesthetically pleasing as you could possibly get.

The Pebble Steel Smartwatch has totally shifted my opinion on wearable technology. The new model looks stunning and would not look out of place on a city traders wrist. Available in two finishes, Brush Stainless or Matte Black both of which come with an optional leather strap.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch UK

  • Water Resistant (with metal strap)
  • Compatible with iOS and Androids
  • 5 – 7 Days Charge (charges with included magnetic charging cable)
  • Fully compatible with all Pebble apps

The Pebble Steel is now on sale in the UK and is available on Amazon


  1. I agree the pebble steel looks so much better than the previous pebble watch. I’m guessing they were targeting the younger generation on the basis that they are more inclined to buy new tech, than the more mature consumer.

    The pebble steel looks great , but it’s a fair bit more expensive than the last watch. I’d have expected some additional tech to warrant the cost or at least a bigger improvement on the battery life.


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