iKettle – WiFi Kettle the smart way to make a brew

Do we actually need a Smart Kettle in our lives? Well the iKettle is here.  I actually think it’s more than just a gadget for lazy people who would rather have a dry throat than actually raise their own body weight off the sofa and click the kettle on. iKettle the Wifi electric kettle

The iKettle connects via Wifi to your smartphone and works on any Android 4+ or Apple  iOS7+. The connection is made with a simple one-click setup, which then gives you the following options:


  • On / Off – Allows you to click your kettle on from the comfort of your bed, armchair or even the toilet
  • Temperature settings – From 80° to boiling – I think this is a really useful feature, as I much prefer my Coffee when it’s not melting the flesh of my lips.
  • Wake up / Welcome home mode – For when you wake each morning, your kettle can be ready to pour.

iKettle Wifi Kettle in brushed stainless steelDesign:

As well as having probably the most advanced technology of any kettle currently on the market, the iKettle also looks great. It has a stylish and modern brushed metal design, with a comfortable soft rubber handle and a functional filtered spout.  The Wifi base is also in brushed stainless steel with a neatly back-lit LED control panel.

Most people would agree that a brushed stainless steel kettle is the preferred design. The iKettle, however, has the option to purchase coloured skins that fit over the stainless steel to provide a colourful alternative that might just match your Kitchens interior perfectly.iKettle has optional coloured skins


The iKettle is currently priced at £99.99 with free delivery, which is not too bad as I have seen standard branded electric kettles priced at more. This Wifi kettle is currently exclusively sold at Firebox


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