Black Friday Deals – UK deals vs US offers

Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US is a day that retail stores slash their prices to kick off the holiday season.  Black Friday now seems to have evolved into Black Friday Week and has also been adopted by other countries in recent years such as the UK.  Many big UK retailers such as John Lewis and Currys have really climbed on board with this new opportunity to clear some unwanted stock,  but how do the deals actually compare to those in the US?

As Amazon run independent on-line stores for the US and UK markets, lets take a look at the Black Friday deals on offer on each of their sites to see just how bad it is to be British during the sales.

The Kindle eReader deal on Black Friday 2014Black Friday Deal on the Kindle eReader

US Black Friday offer :

$49.99  (£31.70)

UK Black Friday offer :

There is no offer, it’s £59.00 ($94.00) almost twice the US price

Black Friday Deal on the New Fire HD 6 TabletThe Amazon FIre HD 6 Tablet Black Friday Offer
US Black Friday offer :

$79.99  (£50.15)

UK Black Friday offer :

There is no offer, it’s £79.99 ($125.50) that’s almost £30.00 more

Black Friday Samasung TV deals on Amazon (For US customers only) has a page dedicated to 2014 Samsung Holiday TV deals with 31 different Samsung TV models all with a huge 45% Black Friday discount even on their top end 65″ LED  and 4K  TV’s.  As for UK customers, well, there is no Black Friday TV deals page at all, and there are barely any UK discounts at all on Samsung TV’s.  Consumer electronics are typically cheaper in the US, but to have such a vast difference in prices does seem a little unfair to us Brits does it not?

Amazon Black Friday 2014 offers on 4K LED TV's

But fear not fellow Brits, all is not lost, we may have to spend £1000 more on a TV than US consumers but at least we have a Queen and Bear Grylls ……….


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