Nanopresso Review – A Portable Espresso Machine with 18 bars!

Wacaco just seriously raised the 'Bar' with their next generation Manual Espresso Coffee Maker!

Nanopresso Espresso Machine

A review and demonstration of the Nanopresso, a portable espresso maker from Wacaco.

Lighter, smaller, easier to pump and yet twice as powerful as its predecessor (the Minipresso). The Nanopresso is set to take outdoor espresso coffee making to the next level.


  • Massive 261 PSI / 18 Bar Pressure
  • Weighs just 336 grams
  • Built-in espresso coffee cup
  • Very quiet pump action
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Hard carry case included
  • Nespresso Pod adapter (not inc.)

Where to Buy?

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I have five portable espresso machines, the Nanopresso is undoubtedly my favourite and the one I’d recommend.


I’m a huge fan of manual espresso machines. I’d say 80% of all the coffee I drink is extracted from a portable coffee maker. My passion started with the Aeropress which isn’t actually an espresso machine, but it still makes a damn fine coffee. Up until getting my hands on the Nanopresso, I’ve been switching back and forth between the Handpresso and the Staresso.

My experience with these other devices has given me a strong understanding of the intricacies of dialling in a perfect coffee extraction. Armed with this knowledge, I’m confident I can get the best out of the Nanopresso and I hope you find this review and demonstration helpful.


The Nanopresso comes in a good quality retail box. Inside you’ll find a detailed user guide, a warranty card, and a couple of stickers.

The user manual is extremely well illustrated. It includes a detailed step-by-step guide, tips for getting the best results, a troubleshooting section along with details on the cleaning process.

It’s very simple to follow and printed in a total of nine languages.

The accessories that come with the Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Unlike most portable coffee machines, the Nanopresso comes with a top quality hard carry case as standard.  The Handpresso has its own similar case, but it’s actually an extra $25.00 on top of the cost of the product.

The awesome carry case that comes with the Nanopresso Portable espresso coffee machine

If you intend to use the Nanopresso on your travels, this case will come in super handy. It’s lightweight and moulded perfectly to house the device without taking up hardly any additional space.

3The Design and Build Quality

I’m struggling to describe just how impressed I was handling the Nanopresso for the first time. I don’t want this to sound like a sales pitch, but trust me when I say it’s practically flawless in its design and build quality.

Its capsule shape is a delight to hold and the deep knurled top and bottom provide the perfect grip when tightening and loosening the components. With your thumb and forefinger comfortably resting against the raised edge of the pump it really could not be easier, even with wet hands.

Despite the Nanopresso’s body and components being made from plastic, it somehow feels very robust and solid. That being said, it still comes in at just 333 grams (11.7oz) on my scales.

Weight may not be a huge factor for most people, but if you’re into hiking as I am, every gram counts. In comparison, the Handresso’s weight comes in at almost 500 grams.

A close up look at the Nanopresso Coffee Machine

The Nanopresso Components

When you disassemble the Nanopresso for the first time, you’ll find seven individual components. Only four of these are essential to the device. Those being the Portafilter, coffee basket, the main body and the water tank. Additionally, there’s also a coffee scoop and cleaning brush, they both fit neatly into the water tank. The Nanopresso also cleverly comes with an Espresso cup that clips securely to the underside.

The individual components inside the Nanopresso Portable Espresso machine

Each item fits together with absolute precision. As hard as I try, I simply cannot find fault in any individual part. Components that require durability, such as the filter basket, are thick and robust.

I have absolutely no doubt that you could bash coffee pucks out of the basket all day long without damaging it.

The Nanopresso filter basket

There has clearly been a substantial amount of thought given to the Nanopresso’s design. The water tank requires less than a quarter of a turn to tighten and is impossible to cross thread. As for the portafilter, it screws on so cleanly, it almost causes ASMR tingles up the back of my neck, I kid you not!

Anyway, all of this design and build goodness is irrelevant if the extraction is not up to scratch, so let’s take a look, shall we?

4Using the Nanopresso

I’ll briefly explain the process here, as I’ve already demonstrated it on my Youtube video.

  1. Measure 8 grams of coffee and add it to the filter basket. If you’re using the scoop, it’s pretty much level with the top.
  2. Use the scoop to tamp the coffee into the basket and make sure it’s nice and tidy. The manual suggests a hard tamp, this will be dependant on how fine your grind is.
  3. (optional) Preheat all components using boiling water.
  4. Drop the basket inside the Nanopresso and tighten on the portafilter.
  5. Discard the water (assuming you didn’t skip the preheating phase) and add fresh water to the tank. Make sure it’s no higher than the maximum line (80ml). Now carefully tighten it to the base.
  6. Twist the pump anti-clockwise to release it from the chamber.
  7. Turn the Nanopresso upside down and begin pumping the piston once every second. Continue pumping until you’ve extracted your preferred quantity of espresso.

5My experience with the Nanopresso

I started with the exact same setting on my Hario Mill that I use for my other portable espresso machines and made my first Nanopresso coffee. In front of me was a delicious espresso. It was full of flavour and detail, with a good temperature and an impressive looking crema.

Over the last few days, I’ve been experimenting with the grind and I’ve taken it from one extreme to the other. Too fine and the Nanopresso will slow drip during the extraction,  too coarse and the flow will be excessive.

There is a fairly large window for adjustment, so you should have no trouble finding your own sweet spot.

Extracting an espresso with the Nanopresso

In a perfect scenario, you’ll have a freshly roasted bag of beans at hand along with a suitable grinder. This is not always the case. I have tried three different pre-ground coffees and they all have worked well with the Nanoresso.

6The Versatility of the Nanopresso

For those that need an even easier preparation method, Wacaco will shortly be releasing an NS Adapter. This will allow you to drop a Nespresso capsule inside the portafilter instead of using the filter basket. There’s also a Barista kit to give you a double shot of 16 grams and a larger water capacity of 120ml.


I have absolutely no doubt that the Nanopresso will be my portable espresso machine of choice. It’s lighter, smaller, yet more powerful than my others devices. The piston is as quiet as a mouse and a pleasure to use. The build quality is precise and all elements of the design seem spot on. The integrated espresso cup and the hard carry case make it ideal for travel or for using outdoors. Most importantly, it makes an amazing espresso coffee.

Where to Buy?

Nanopresso Latest Price Shipping Product Page $79.90 Free (ex. customs) view
Amazon Marketplace $89.89 Free delivery* view

Price updated – 13th of November 2017 at 10.30 GMT
*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.
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Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Free delivery may be subject to minimum spend amount.

I hope you found this review useful, if you did, please leave a comment below or share it socially – Thanks!


  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your review! How would you say the nanopresso compares to handpresso and staresso in terms of the results?

    • Hi Michal,

      So sorry for the late reply, I can get a great quality coffee from both the Staresso and the Handpresso. You don’t have much control over the Handpresso regarding the pressure, you press the button and it just releases the pressure on its own. So the consistency is there, however, I’ve never been able to improve the crema, also the water capacity is also on the small side.

      You have more control over the results with the Staresso, once you’ve used it for a while, you’ll learn the perfect amount of pressure and speed to get a great espresso out, it’s like muscle memory. The same goes for the Nanopresso, which in my opinion is a far better product, the pressure and the pump mechanism is way better than the staresso. I know it’s a little more expensive than the Staresso, but I think it’s well worth it.

  2. Thank you for the review, I subbed to your YouTube channel, the video was great. Looking forward to seeing a demo of the Barista kit!

    • Thanks Sara, I cannot wait for the Nanopresso Barista Kit, I check the Wacaco site almost on a daily basis in hope that it’s been released. I might email the company for an update on the ETA – Thanks for the sub by the way 🙂

      • Hi, Thanks to Simon for all these reviews of portable coffee makers. Desperately trying to choose a replacement for our my pressi twist* and you seem to be the only person systematically trying them all – so thanks!
        I had an email from wacaco yesterday that the accessories should be available from their website in the next week or so, so fingers crossed to be able to order them for delivery before Xmas!

        * The my pressi twist makes amazing coffee, but you can’t fly with the gas canisters so we can’t take it on holiday, and ours is starting to leak gas pressure after many years of good service and I don’t have the patience to disassemble it and replace all the o-rings. But it does match our Gaggia kitchen machine for quality of espresso and makes a double shot fine. If you can find one its worth trying!