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Product Review Opportunities

The gadgets and tech products reviewed on GadgetViper are mostly chosen by us, based on a genuine interest and excitement for the product.  On occasion, we are approached by companies or marketing agents on their behalf.  In these cases, only products of interest will be considered and no payment will be taken for a favourable review.

GadgetViper will in some instances receive a sample product for the purpose of testing and photography.  While we are happy to receive the sample product for a limited period of time during the review / testing phase. Any return procedure needs to be fully arranged and paid for by the company.  Gadgetviper takes no responsibility for any damage during delivery or testing and cannot guarantee the item will be returned in an “as new” condition.

Sample products without return, offer us the opportunity to fully field test the gadget for an extended period of time. This allows us to do follow-up reviews of the product’s longevity and durability.  This is our preferred method, and offers the consumer a far better insight into the product as well as further online exposure for the item.

Benefits of a Review on GadgetViper:

  • Unique and high-quality content including photography and artwork  (sample required)
    Photography and artwork by GadgetViper during hands-on-review
    Photography and artwork by GadgetViper during hands-on-review

  • SEO – GadgetViper generates the majority of traffic via organic searches, with many reviews reaching the top of Google search for the most popular search terms.

    Get your Gadget or Tech product seen online.
    Get your Gadget or Tech product seen online.
  • Social media exposure – Posts and reviews are also shared with thousands of followers on our social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest.
  • GEO based referral system – GadgetViper is UK based, however the site targets both a UK and US audience depending on the preferred customer base for the gadget or technology product being reviewed.  In instances where the item is on offer in both locations, we adopt a GEO based system that will give both UK and US / Overseas viewers the relevant information with prices displayed in either dollars or sterling. This system helps to maximise the global exposure of the product and to direct the consumer to the most appropriate on-line retailer.