XPG EMIX I30 Gaming Earphones – 5.2 Surround Sound Earbuds Review

EMIX I30 In-Ear Gaming Headset 5.2 Surround Sound earbuds designed to enhance your gaming experience.  Featuring a unique 3D soundstage generated by a patented inner vacuum tube. This...

ROMOSS UPower UP10 All-In-One 10000mAh Power Bank Review

ROMOSS UP10 UPower Power Bank 10000mAh Review
The ROMOSS UP10 is a stylish portable phone charger featuring pass-through charging and an integrated power adapter.  

Blitzwolf 3X Smartphone Telephoto Lens Review – Model BW-LS4

A review of the Blitzwolf 3X Smartphone Telephoto Lens
BW-LS4 Smartphone Telephoto Lens Most of us use our Smartphones as our day to day cameras. With image quality comparable to most mid-range digital cameras,...

BlitzWolf Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad Review – BW-FWC1

A review of the BlitzWolf Qi Wireless charging pad with fast charge
BlitzWolf Fast Qi Charging Pad The BW-FWC1 is a lightweight wireless charging pad with fast charge technology. Featuring built-in safety measures to protect your smartphone...

DBPower N6 Review – A Budget 4K Touchscreen Action Camera with...

The DBPOWER 4K action camera review - An affordable 4K action cam with touchscreen controls and WiFi
The DBPower N6 is an affordable 4K Action camera featuring a touchscreen interface and WiFi connectivity. It comes with a spare battery and over 15 variations of clips and mounting brackets.

The Aukey SK-A2 Review – Bluetooth Speaker and Portable Power Bank

The AUKEY SK-A2 review- a compact pocket size Bluetooth speaker with a built in power bank for charging you smartphone
Aukey SK-A2 Speaker / Charger A pocket-size Bluetooth speaker with a built-in power bank for charging your phone. The Aukey SK-A2 features two speaker drivers and a...

Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker Review

A review of the Tronsmart Elemenet T6 Bluetooth speaker featuring 360 degree surround sound
Exclusive Offer Discount Code Valid From Expiry Date Buy From Save an extra £8.00 N6ZL8WH2 Nov 20th Nov 30th Amazon Exclusive Offer Discount Code Valid From Expiry Date Buy From 23% off UXFSUYMQ Nov 20th Nov 27th Amazon Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth Speaker A cylindrically shaped Bluetooth...

MUVO 2c Bluetooth Speaker and the Sound Blaster Connect app Review

The front of the MUVO 2c portable Bluetooth speaker
Looking for a tiny lightweight portable speaker with a big sound? - Then you've got to check out the MUVO 2c. A linkable Water Resistant Bluetooth speaker that can now be controlled with the new Sound Blaster Connect SmartPhone app.

DT No.1 G8 Review – Low Cost Smart Watch with 120...

The DT No.1 G8 Smart Watch Review
DT No.1 G8 Smart Watch An affordable smart watch with an impressive battery life. The G8 features a stainless steel bezel and a 1.3-inch tempered glass...

Tronsmart T4 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Lightweight and Waterproof

The Tronsmart Element T4 Bluetooth speaker review
Tronsmart T4 Bluetooth Speaker Have you been looking for a compact and lightweight portable speaker to take outdoors? The Tronsmart T4 could be a great choice,...