Veo Water Speakers review - 2nd Generation Veo water dancing speakers 0

Veo Water Speakers Review

Veo water speakers are currently one of the most popular models of water dancing speakers on the market and although the name may be new to most, Veo have managed to emerge from the crowd as one of the leading …

Qi Wireless charging buyers guide with an updated Qi compatibility list to see if your phone is suitable. 0

Qi Wireless Charging Pad Reviews – 2015

Finding a good quality Qi wireless charging pad to charge your phone is no easy task. There’s a huge number of wireless phone chargers to choose from. Some are poorly made and not worth the price tag, even if it …

The Microsoft HoloLens and it's evil plan to take over the world 1

The Microsoft HoloLens – Think about the children!

The Microsoft HoloLens …………Are you kidding me!………Seriously?


Ok, I’ve calmed down enough to continue.  I’m a 37 year old man, a semi retired hardcore with 2 children.  During my heavy years as a gamer, I was MT on …

HF3470 Philips Wake Up Review 0

Philips Wake up Light HF3470 Review

The Philips HF3470 wake up light is not a new product in fact this particular model has been around for almost 5 years.  Thankfully it has stood the test of time and is still at the top of it’s game …