The RAVPower FileHub is a portable WiFi Router, a Battery Pack to recharge your phone and a wireless storage device, perfect for family holidays 0

RavPower FileHub – Portable Wifi Router Review

The RavPower FileHub is a handy travel gadget with many useful functions to help access, integrate and share your media files. The device includes a portable charger, a wireless travel router and a way to access, transfer and share files …

The Philips HF3250 Wake Up Alarm Clock proven to make getting out of bed easier 3

Philips Wake Up Light – Sunrise Alarm clock

The Philips wake up light can potentially put a completely new spin on your day.  Believe it or not our ancestors didn’t have smartphones or alarm clocks beeping in their ears, they had a good old fashioned sunrise to wake …

Breaking Bad's Skyler White looks like Woody Harrelson 1

Skyler White AKA Woody Harrelson

At 4am this morning I finally finished watching Breaking Bad (for the second time) I had planned on savouring the last 5 episodes over this week, but as I’m sure many of you know, Breaking Bad is a lot like …